The COVID-19 pandemic and rising costs of child care are crippling American families.

The pandemic is having a dramatic impact on child care in this country. Many parents have been hit by the financial devastation of job loss or pay cuts. Others are trying to work while caring for kids without their usual support since schools, camps and day care are closed. Here are some of the key findings from this recent survey:

  • Child care choices and preferences will shift from in-center to in-home care
  • Parents are more concerned about the cost of child care now than they were before the pandemic
  • Nearly all parents surveyed (96%) say it is important for government and business leaders to step up and provide additional financial support for child care
  • Moms have been hit harder by the pandemic, doing the majority of the extra child care work, while working from home

To see the statistics in more depth, check out the results of the 2020 Cost of Care Survey.

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The C@W service was great! We actually initially tried to book care through my husband's work with another backup care provider. We didn't hear back after 5 days so cancelled that request. Care@Work is so much better. Phone lines are super responsive (vs. the other provider where we were on the line for 20 minutes and finally hung up). The follow-up was awesome, booking was fast for our super last-minute attempt, we got a phone notification, a call from Care@Work, as well as a call from our babysitter to confirm.