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Photo for Two Nannies Needed For Three Kids
One At 8am-8pm
Second At 8pm...

Two Nannies Needed For Three Kids One At 8am-8pm Second At 8pm...

Full Time $16 – 20/hr Starts 02/21 San Pedro, CA
My husband will be leaving for basic training for the Air Force and I will be giving birth February 21-March 6th and require two nannies who can come in and care for them like a second mom for 6 weeks (one nanny at 8am-8pm/ second nanny at 8pm-8am). We have three kids aged 1, 2, and 4. My 4-year-old does have Autism and ADHD so please be aware that she needs someone who can care/handle her along with my other two kids. Transportation for me and my kids is not required but a plus. MUST be able to be on call and ready to watch them during those start dates to come asap when I go into labor and am in the hospital recovering. Some examples of care for them includes activities, preparing meals/snacks/bottles, throwing in laundry to wash/dry (I can fold it but it will have to be put away as I am unable to go up and down the stairs for the time), cleaning up their messes, watching them, carrying them or any heavy things if needed as I am unable to lift anything heavy, diaper changes, baths, putting them for naps/bedtime, loading/unloading dishwasher occasionally, ext. Anything that a mom would do. I know it's a lot to ask and a hard job but I'm hoping we can find the perfect two people for this rough time we are going through. We do have two cats as well. They are friendly but do love to steal your food. There is as well my mother and my siblings (one of my siblings does have Autism and other disabilities as well but she gets services) living in the home but care is strictly for my three kids. We live on an Air Force Base so having a valid license on hand every day is required as they will run your license every time you enter.

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