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Photo for Seeking Passionate And Patient Nanny For Three Boys

Seeking Passionate And Patient Nanny For Three Boys

Full Time
Our interests and values include Honesty, Sharing, Be Kind, Helpful, Respectful The boys love to watch TV or play games . We have several board games but kids need help with social and emotional skills while playing the games. We love to take them out to ride their bikes (W needs help getting off the training wheels) or play with chalk. We go for walks, goto the park, and swimming They love Minecraft, Pokémon, yugioh, Beyblades, legos, art, making comics, antagonizing each other. They like to ride bikes and scooters, play with chalk, their basketball, soccer ball and football M needs help with Social and Emotional skills as well as help with his penmanship C needs help with managing and identifying his emotions and learning to control them. W needs help in all academic aspects. All three boys have ADHD and ODD, see counselors and are on prescription medications. We are looking for someone who has aA LOT of patience and some experience with dealing with ADHD and ODD in young pre teens. Who likes to create adventures for kids who struggle to find things to do outside. Yes we have a driveway you can park in. Our family does include 1 very sweet and sometimes shy German Shepherd mix. she is between the age of 6-8yrs. She needs to be watched when outside because she likes to got to the fence separating our yard from our neighbors and behind our beat up old shed is unfortunately there is no fence from the shed to the fence that would prevent her from getting to the road. She goes there anytime she sees dogs in the other yard because she wants to play but can't. We also have a snake but he reside in our bedroom and he won't need any extra care. His name is Mr. Boop Noodlemin he is probably about 3. 5 yrs old (maybe)