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63 pet trainers are listed in Mesa, AZ

The average rate is $15/hr as of May 2024

The average experience for nearby pet trainers is 3 years

Pet trainers in Mesa, AZ

Lauren D.'s Photo

Lauren D.

Mesa, AZ

$14-19/hr10 yrs exp

Animal Lover & Family Helper

I've been a pet owner all my life. I grew up with birds, cats, large and small breed dogs. Currently have 2 large breed dogs. Comfortable with basic training, walking, light grooming, and caring for your animal family member in whatever needs they require. For extended in-house pet sitting I must meet you and your pets for an...
Lauren can also help with: Dog training, pet sitting, pet transportation, pet walking
"Lauren was communicative, sent so many photos and gave us tips about our puppy! She was super clean and always sent cute photos of the pups. I highly recommend!!"

Care member

Tara W.'s Photo

Tara W.

Mesa, AZ

$10-35/hr3 yrs exp

Pet Sitter/ Walker

Hello! My name is Tara! I am currently studying web development and am pet sitting on the side! I really love animals. I have taken care of dogs, cats, lizards, snakes, hamsters, fish, etc. I have a lot of experience with animals as I have pet sitted for family friends and my own clients before. I also have 3 lovely dogs of my...
Tara can also help with: Pet walking, pet sitting, administration of medicine, grooming

Red Cross Pet First Aid Certified

"I have used Tara for both dog sitting and cleaning vacation condos. She is responsible, on time and did a great job at several jobs. She has her own transportation and doesn't mind a little extra work, like watering plants, or replacing supplies when necessary. You...

Anne-marie W.

Monica S.'s Photo

Monica S.

Mesa, AZ

$20-22/hr2 yrs exp

Hired by 1 family in your neighborhood

Detail-oriented pet sitter with a genuine love for animals. Proven track record of providing exceptional care for pets, including feeding, grooming, and exercise routines. Skilled in administering medications and maintaining a safe and comfortable environment. Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities to ensure strong...
Monica can also help with: Daily feeding, pet walking, pet transportation, administration of medicine, pet sitting
Santa Cruz O.'s Photo

Santa Cruz O.

Mesa, AZ

$14-46/hr3 yrs exp

Pet Care

I have experience in the animal hospital setting, grooming and assisting. I have minimal experience with training but know the basics. I have experience in the boarding and shelter as well. Providing shots and blood draws and medication.
Santa Cruz can also help with: Grooming, pet walking, pet sitting
Kylie E.'s Photo

Kylie E.

Mesa, AZ

$15-23/hr2 yrs exp

Pet Sitter

I am such an animal lover! I've worked at halo animal rescue and a specialty vet clinic. I want to be a vet tech. I have 10 years of experience with owning dogs and have trained them all (potty training, sit, paw, stay, etc.) I have a year of experience with owning a snake and definitely want to own more! I don't have much...
Kylie can also help with: Dog training, pet walking, pet sitting
Barbara F.'s Photo

Barbara F.

Mesa, AZ

$10-20/hr10 yrs exp

Pet Sitter

I love all animals and have had pets all my life. I currently have 3 dogs, 3 cats, and a pond with koi and turtles. I care for my sister's dogs when she's away, and my neighbor's cats. I have been a house/pet sitter for homes with a variety of pets, including birds, ferrets, and chickens. I personally trained my beautiful...
Barbara can also help with: Pet walking, boarding, daily feeding, administration of medicine, pet sitting, grooming & more
Marlee C.'s Photo

Marlee C.

Mesa, AZ

$14-20/hr5 yrs exp

Pet Sitter

I am excellent with cats as I grew up with 2 in the house always. I have been pet sitting for friends, family, neighbors for years. I am good with dogs if they are well trained. I can take care of fish and other small animals. I have a lot of flexibility/availability as I am between jobs.
Marlee can also help with: Pet sitting, daily feeding, pet walking
Eliezer F.'s Photo

Eliezer F.

Mesa, AZ


Enthusiastic Animal Caregiver And Owner Of A Big Dog

Hi! I love animals and learning new things about them I have a large dog myself and enjoy learning how to train him, I was also in the military and when my friends were on deployment I would take care of their pets that include all types of pets like dogs, cats, birds, snakes, and bearded dragons. I'll be happy to keep your pets...
Eliezer can also help with: Dog training, pet sitting, pet transportation, pet walking
I love animals and love to learn! I am not a professional trainer but I have practiced with my own pets in the past. Hence a low charging fee. Even my 7-year-old daughter loves animals. She will be tagging along with me and it will be great learning experience for her! It is a great way to teach her responsibility and I can...
Elena can also help with: Boarding, pet transportation, pet sitting, grooming, pet walking
Juwan A.'s Photo

Juwan A.

Mesa, AZ

$13-25/hr1 yrs exp

Animals And Nature Is My Peace Zone

I have grown up with cats and dogs my whole life. I worked at pet smart in the grooming salon for a little over a year until I unfortunately had to move. The things I learned while working there was taking care of the pets, looking out for their safety, brushing washing and drying the pets and any other additional services the...
Juwan can also help with: Pet walking, pet sitting
Mirabel V.'s Photo

Mirabel V.

Mesa, AZ

$13-18/hr2 yrs exp

Certified And Insured Pet Sitter!

I believe that a home and a family isn't complete without a dog! I absolutely love animals and will definitely treat yours like they are my own! I have experience walking dogs, caring for cats and birds, basic dog training, and making sure pets are safe and happy! I currently have two dogs of my own (Max - Miniature...
Mirabel can also help with: Dog training, pet transportation, pet walking, pet sitting
Sarah M.'s Photo

Sarah M.

Mesa, AZ

$20-25/hr5 yrs exp

Long Time Animal Lover

Hello! I am a former dog trainer and long time animal lover having owned various animals throughout my life. I am very comfortable with both small and large dogs, having owned both in the past, and cats which I currently own. I have experience with dogs of all ages and with young to middle aged cats. I routinely watch friends...
Sarah can also help with: Pet sitting, pet walking
Destiny G.'s Photo

Destiny G.

Mesa, AZ

$14-20/hr4 yrs exp

Animal Lover & Care Provider

Along with the love of childcare, I also have a passion for animals & nature! Growing up I always had dogs, since we would breed them. So I know how to train & play with them appropriately. I also had a handful of other pets, such as a parrot, fish, guinea pigs, hamsters, exotic animals, etc. Currently I own a tortoise, a ball...
Destiny can also help with: Pet sitting, pet transportation, grooming, pet walking
Karl D.'s Photo

Karl D.

Mesa, AZ

$20-30/hr6 yrs exp

Biologist and Animal Lover

Hired by 3 families in your neighborhood

I cherish all animals on an extremely deep level. I have extensive background knowledge of their behavior, physiology, anatomy, diet, and lifestyle. I excel at learning how they think, interpreting their actions, and detecting subtle changes in diet or behavior. I enjoy observing animals, but above all, I love caring for them. I...
Karl can also help with: Pet transportation, dog training, pet walking, pet sitting, administration of medicine, boarding & more

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