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Hands-on Care Needed For My Father In Whittier

Full Time
About who needs care: In an air mattress hospital bed with a rare form of Parkinson's that affects only one side; has COPD and diabetes and a pacemaker etc (he is 90); is confused much of the day (except when strangers are around) I'm guessing he might weigh 180 lbs so needs two people to lift him. We have a lift next to the bed though it's a small living room. He sleeps a lot and watches TV. He can feed himself a few things and recently a care worker said he could be doing more exercises and we could have someone get him up sitting in a chair for some time a few days a week but it would take two people because of the lift and his weight. Ideally he needs to do exercises each day and sit up somehow a few days a week (even though he never remembers that he did it a few minutes later). This would help with stiffness. He doesn't seem to have regular pain except when he exercises or rolls over to change the diaper... and sometimes his wrist hurts him. He is not on pain medication. We have 3 other adults at home. Two are working full time and the other is his wife who is 84 and burned out because we can't help her enough and she insists on micromanaging everything that we do help with. We are constantly trying to manage that but this may help as well He grew up in Connecticut and likes Yankees baseball for one thing. He is 90 but was never in the military. He was a machinist. About the care needs: I think if you're a caregiver you already have a lot of patience :) We would need someone to operate the lift which is not difficult but the second person to help with it would likely be my 84-year-old petite mother because the rest of us may be working at that time. You would also need to do simple exercises to get him to stretch legs/arms and roll to the side. So far I think that's the most specialized thing. Services needed include: feeding, bathing / dressing, and mobility assistance.
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