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Seeking Part-time Senior Care Provider - Female 220 lbs. She can...

Part Time $19 – 50/hr Starts 01/16 Torrance, CA
About who needs care: Female 220 lbs. She can move around fine but she should be doing her physical therapy and occupational therapy hand exercises to keep her mobility from getting worse. She also is on oxygen but has a mobile oxygen machine too. She also has depression and attempted suicide by overdose July 2021 which means I need to ration and organize her pills for her, but shes a boomer and wont admit she is lonely. She loves cribbage and board games, hgtv shows, and reading. She likes watching me play video games too if you want to play them. She likes going out to eat but only if she is showered beforehand (see aforementioned depression). It'd be great if she could go out on walks but she will only do that with a person who can help her. Ideally she should wake up in the morning and make her bed and get dressed so that she doesn't spend all day in bed and sleeping. She has a 30 min physical therapy routine she is supposed to be doing and a 10 minute occupational therapy routine she should also do. She should also eat breakfast or lunch before dinner because she tends to eat only one meal a day and a ton of snacks in between and its giving her digestive problems. Once a week she needs her pill minder refilled. She wont shower every day but she will shower every other day, that's the compromise we've made but she will only do it if someone holds her accountable About the care needs: Someone who is patient enough to learn board games would work well, someone who doesn't mind listening either. My mom likes to share a lot of advice and feel needed. She had a best friend who was a recovering meth addict who sadly passed away and ever since my mom fights depression from feeling unneeded. There shouldn't be heavy lifting as my mom is capable of lifting herself but hopefully they could help her with her therapy exercises or maybe take her for a walk. Hopefully they have the ability to sort medication because she isn't supposed to do it herself after the suicide attempt. Hopefully they're a good motivator so she doesn't just eat candy and nachos all day and does her basic life tasks. Having board game or card games as a hobby is a major plus. Services needed include: transportation, meal preparation, errands / shopping, light housekeeping, companionship, feeding, bathing / dressing, and mobility assistance.

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