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Seeking Full-time Senior Care Provider In Barrington

Full Time
Seeking care for my husband in his 60s. Services needed: bathing / dressing, help staying physically active, mobility assistance. Specialized care needs: support for chronic illness, nursing experience. A little more about my husband: he can be pleasant, reserved. He has Parkinson's. He is a Type 1 Diabetic. He is a fall risk. Bringing him home after a fall 12/2019. He also has a permanent catheter thru groin. Needs to be changed 2x a day. He is mentally competent. He needs standby help showering, personal hygiene, food preparation and serving. Not steady at transfers. I am a 60-year-old 115 lb woman who tried to care for him before the fall. He is a 6 foot 195 lb man and I cannot do this anymore on my own. My health suffered prior to the fall but want him home. I also need to work a part time job and need to be able to go out for exercise errands and some social. For his health and well being and continued improvement, he will be going to one or more exercise programs several times a week and I may need help with transportation. Ideally I would like a caregiver with nurse expert. I'm looking for someone who is patient, chatty, fond of pets. Above. My husband was a bank officer for 40+ years. These illnesses and especially this last year starting with a catastrophic fall resulting in a subdural hematoma and a year of rehab, Covid, isolation and sudden loss of work, driving, etc have been psychologically devastating. Need a person who is compassionate and caring. Manny is going to be trying hard to be more independent. He has progressed so slowly this year because of Covid. At the nursing facility there was a Covid lockdown so no rehab. Handled terribly. Locked in his room and heavily medicated. Then he got Covid. Asymptomatic. Then had to be re-hospitalized and more rehab. At the current Asst Living more isolation due to Covid and lack of rehab. He can do much better if he gets better rehab and the Parkinson's program. But he needs someone in ADDITION TO ME at home as well to keep him moving because he has a tendency to sit in a chair. I AM NOT OPPOSED TO HAVING ONE OR MORE CAREGIVERS ALSO WE ARE WILLING TO PAY MORE THAN THE GOING RATE TO ATTRACT THE BEST PERSON (S) Trying to get Manny home before Christmas if possible.
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