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Immediate Start: Hands-on Care Needed For My Father - Ben has be...

Part Time $18 – 25/hr Starts 02/01 Glendora, CA
About who needs care: Ben has been a VERY active, non-grumpy 94-year-old, (still driving) who likes to make people smile. He had a stent put in a month ago and non-invasive valve replacement a week ago (not open heart). He lives with my Mom, Yvonne who, though younger at 84, has her share of health issues so caring for my dad is wearing her out. Ideally, we would love someone to come everyday for 1-2 hours in the morning then another 1-2 hours in the afternoon. Our hope is that someone could get him moving, help him dress, get to the table, then get him comfortable in a chair. (the dr. said he's spending too much time reclining and that's not sitting:) He does complain of always being cold so wants to curl up in bed. but He needs to be encouraged to move. 2 days after his surgery he walked halfway down his street and back, but since has been declining and I'm afraid he's losing his hope. but she has spent so much time supporting them, she's also getting worn out and could lose her job. So. I'm seeking some support so both my mom and my sister can get strong themselves, instead of everyone declining! My mom is a lovely woman, but stubborn having been in her home over 50 years. She resists help but could use some. Thank you for considering helping our family. About the care needs: I hate to say it, but he will respond well to a light-skinned younger aid, maybe under 45 years old. My dad needs someone to be firm but in an encouraging way, maybe even with humor. CLEAR communication - He has no patience for accents when he can't understand their English. He CRAVES attention and loves when someone will listen to his stories. But I'd say things like "as soon as you finish your 5 minute walk, I'd love to hear about...." Someone who is not afraid to change an old man's diaper (in the event he needs them) Someone who carries themselves with confidence and professionalism. Services needed include: transportation, feeding, bathing / dressing, and mobility assistance.

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