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Photo for Reoccurring Babysitter Desired For Our 1 Year Old Daughter R For 1 To 2 Days A Week.

Reoccurring Babysitter Desired For Our 1 Year Old Daughter R For 1 To 2 Days A Week.

Part Time
We are looking for a reoccurring sitter for our soon to be 1-year-old daughter R. Our schedules slightly vary but are fairly consistent. R's father works during days and I, R's mother work overnight. The start time of 6 a.m. at the moment is firm and the relieve time may vary depending on the amount of hours you would prefer to work. We are fairly flexible and would appreciate hearing from you and listening to any concerns or questions. We'd love someone with some experience with toddlers and younger children. We feel it is important to establish a relationship with our daughter since you may be a significant part of her life during this time. She is a very communicative baby and craves interaction of that sorts. She also loves reading, playing outdoors, and occasionally watching trash truck(: Safety, respect, and honesty Playing outside, going for walks, playing music, singing, dancing, reading, talking, playing in her toy box, and especially cuddling. Encouraging the next stages in development which for R will be learning to stand/walk as she is about to be 12 months old. Having CPR certification will be comforting for us to know, and if you do not we would be willing to pay for certification. We also would appreciate having a kind hearted and compassionate baby sitter who understands the importance and caring for such a vulnerable population as children are. There is street parking and access to public transport. We also are will to drive baby sitters if so need be for any reasons. No animals, just a very clean home. (:
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