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Full-time Nanny With Flexibility. Nanny

Full Time
We need a nanny for our 2 children in Sausalito. And we're looking now! Laundry: Mostly the girls laundry, but also willing to help out with parents laundry when needed. Meal Preparation: While the girls are in school, we'd appreciate help preparing lunches and some dinners. There are no dietary restrictions, but we would like someone who is comfortable cooking healthy meals and going to the grocery store when needed. We do lots of vegetables and try to minimize sugar. Errands / groceries: Since the girls will be in school for several hours, we will expect help with errands so that the girls are out of school there's just fun, active engagement and play. Light Housekeeping: Dishes, vacuuming, general tidying up. Both household are very neat and minimalist, and we'd like someone who keeps the place up to the same standards we do. We expect the girls to have guidance in picking up after themselves, too. Pick-up or Drop-off: This job requires a fair amount of driving. The five year old will be taking the bus to and from the city, but there are 2-3 days a week that you will need to travel to and from Marin and San Francisco. Has Own Car: Car required. Homework help: As of now, the kindergartner has zoom school on Fridays. There's not much after school homework, but that might change as she gets older. Schedule Details: We are a 2 household family. The girls split their time evenly between Sausalito and San Francisco. When in Sausalito, the start time will typically be 8 a.m. When in San Francisco, the start time will typically be 7 a.m. The logistics can sometimes be a bit complicated, so we need someone who can be flexible. But, no matter what, we can guarantee a minimum of 40 hours per week. About the child(ren): We have two little girls, ages 3 and 5. The 5 year old just started kindergarten and is sweet, sensitive and creative. The 3 year old will be starting preschool in January and is very adventurous, charismatic and funny. We're a pretty easygoing family with some pretty specific logistical needs. We fully understand that this is an intimate job that's all about good communication. Above all, we're seeking someone who truly wants to be here, is willing to be flexible with our changing schedule, loves kids and is down to play, be creative and have fun with our girls. We are not micro-managers and really appreciate self starters (i.e. someone who notices that the milk is out and goes to the grocery store to get more without being asked!). Ideally, we're looking to bring someone in who becomes like part of the family and can stick with us for the next several years. We could use help with homework or curriculum assistance.
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