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Hands-on Care Needed For My Loved One - Would consider live-in....

Full Time $15 – 30/hr Starts 01/22 Cleveland, OH
About who needs care: Would consider live-in. Mostly need assistance with personal care, meal prep, maintaining routine medications, if able to move back to his apartment, issues with being on second floor so need to discuss logistics since there are stairs. Was in the hospital and then 6 weeks in hospice.... but health improved so moved into assisted living on a trial basis. Doesn't like it much and wants to be around more friends he can relate to. So would love to be back in his own home but balance is a concern and has some heart issues so he doesn't have as much stamina to walk ... he was walking a lot but not as much now so frustrating for him not to be more active.. So looking into having someone live with him. He is upbeat, bright and articulate who likes being involved with what's going on around him. Likes to read the paper but has some eye issues starting so can't read as much as he used to. And only in the last few months has his condition kept him from being out on his own, driving to the store, appointments, etc. He knows he could use help with household chores, laundry, definitely food prep so he has more regular meals. About the care needs: Not looking for someone who talks to him as less than equal. ie.... no need to yell, talk down to him, talk to him like a child, etc. Mutual respect for sure. Not looking for a babysitter.... for sure a positive person who can assist when needed. Should be able to assist him if he is incontinent... shower, etc. and make sure meds are in order. He has lots of different age friends.... young and old. So would appreciate someone who has an open mind, can discuss a variety of topics, someone who is honest and kind and truthful and above all someone who genuinely wants to be doing the job for more than just a paycheck. Might be a lot to ask... but hard to know exactly what to say. I guess you'll know as soon as you meet if it's a match. Services needed include: transportation, meal preparation, errands / shopping, light housekeeping, and mobility assistance.
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