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Photo for Caregiver//Housekeeper - I need someone reliable to help my daug...

Caregiver//Housekeeper - I need someone reliable to help my daug...

Part Time $16 – 21/hr Starts 09/27 Union City, CA
I need someone reliable to help my daughter take care of things around the house, from helping preparing meals, to laundry, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning refrigerator, organizing, changing linens, dusting, cleaning windows You would arrive to work on time, and ready to work, 1-Start by getting dads hot towel 2-get his dentures & set them on his chest along with fixident . Give dad eye drops, + medication, get bucket to empty dad's catheter. 3-get the bathing bucket and fill with hot water/soap. adjust his bed w/remote, ask mom has she taken her medication. 4-you will be giving dad a bed bath. 5-snip his pull up off w/scissors, put clean one on, 7-must be willing to clean his soiled bottom. After bathing prop all of dad's pillows back under his legs/feet. make sure dads roll is neat underneath him, you'll need that to pull him up. 8-fix his table over his lap. Put bib on him. Remove ""ALL GARBAGE" from there room. Take to Garage to be thrown out. 9- Start preparing breakfast. Ask "them" what "they" would like. (Mom & Dad) Get Trays out sat them on the counter, set trays up, you'll be using paper plates/bowls/cups. 10-Take there trays to them. And move on to something else. Like emptying the dishwasher (pots/silverware) 11-if you see that we're short of something add it to the list on the table. Make sure bathrooms are stocked with pull-ups and toilet paper, please know that this job involves both my mom and dad my mom is Mobile in able to do things for herself but she has really bad arthritis in her knees and it's hard for her to get around. My dad is the one who needs the hands on. But I like to do things for my mom and I want you to expect to do so as well. Homemaker Should be very clean and able to speak full English. Has a nice since of human. Able to follow instructions. And not on there cell phones during there shift. Hard worker Yes Yes a small dog (poodle)
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