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I Currently Need A Babysitter Every Monday From 8am-5pm...

Nanny I Currently Need A Babysitter Every Monday From 8am-5pm...

Part Time $16 – 21/hr Starts 09/25 Stockton, CA
I have 2 little ones :) My daughter A. will be 3 in December and my son L. will be 2 in November. They both have very big personalities. They are the typical brother & sister combo. They love each other more than anything but pick on each other all through the day and make up with hugs 2 seconds later. They Absolutely love going outside and playing on their play set more than playing with their toys inside. But beware, L. likes to get messy and may try to eat anything he can find outside hahaha. L. is definitely the dare devil of them both and is always trying to climb or jump off of something. Even though he's our wild child, he is also a little teddy bear and loves his hugs and cuddles through out the day. We definitely need someone active that can keep up with his toddler energy and someone who doesn't mind giving a few hugs here and there. A. is much more laid back and nurturing. She LOVES dolls and babies and will probably bring you her toys 10 times a day because "The dolls need their diaper changed" LOL . So a playful imagination is much recommended with her :) She also loves being outside most of the time and exploring our backyard and bossing our doggies around. A. loves learning new things, counting, trying to cook, and painting :) Sometimes she likes to be sneaky and take funny selfies of herself and her brother so you may want to keep your phone close by. They are very shy babies and it takes a while for them to warm up to people, but once they're warmed up they're the funniest kids you'll meet.
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