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Seeking Full-time Senior Care Provider - My nanny has chrons dis...

Full Time $16 – 30/hr Starts 09/23 Simi Valley, CA
About who needs care: My nanny has chrons disease. She is currently in hospice care & I live with her. She loves to have her morning cup of tea, watching the TV guide (Haha!), gardening, & she loves her family unconditionally. Nanny's ideal day would be a walk with her closest family through the most beautiful garden in the world. About the care needs: I'd prefer an extremely organized, good communicating, humorous (& not in a dumb way), athiest believing, or at least doesn't bring up God & how believing is going to save you craziness type of caregiver. You will need to give shots. Once in the morning & once in the evening. Honestly, my nanny has a nurse & she's great & all, but sometimes things come up with her family & ultimately nanny doesn't get her shots regularly. I am fully capable of taking care of her. Shots just creep me out. I need a back up nurse. Maybe some very light household things. All I ask is that you don't mess up my Nanny's medications because I know there are a lot, but messing up medications could be a life or death thing & it's happened more than once. Keep her hydrated. Try to keep her entertained. Keep her spirits up in any way you can... if I come up with anything else, we can discuss that when it comes. Services needed include: transportation, meal preparation, errands / shopping, light housekeeping, companionship, and mobility assistance.
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