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Photo for Seeking Kind, Engaging, Genuine And Compassionate Sitter. Nature...

Seeking Kind, Engaging, Genuine And Compassionate Sitter. Nature...

Part Time $15 – 22/hr Starts 01/27 Dallas, TX
Humanism, Buddhism, cultural Jewish, nature, dogs and cats, music, technology, human rights, emotional awareness and personal development. Live and let live, love self and others. Spread compassion. S is only 3 months old! She loves her milk and loves cuddles. She would rather sleep on a human bed than on her bassinet or crib. She's only beginning to form her personality. S is an infant She needs milk, diaper changes, cuddles, play, baby exercise We have books and toys for her She also has her own phone and gets 1 hour max screen time a day Please be kind and compassionate Open minded Genuine and communicative Please keep religion and work separate But we value teaching her the importance of traits such as compassion, love, confidence, determination and recognizing the beautiful things in the world and how amazing they are If you meditate or do music that's a huge plus Parking is available 3 dogs Kubo boy Cadence girl Lulu girl Cadence and Kubo are cavalier King Charles Cadence is at small end of breed size at 13 pounds. She's delicate, very girly and elegant. Super soft. Kubo is 25 pounds! He's also the youngest Most energetic Very happy excited and clumsy Needs to be told off to stop jumping on people He sometimes pees on himself and sleeps on his back sprawled out Lulu is a Jack Russell terrier chihuahua 16 pounds Gets anxious at first Cuddly and loves to burrow None have any aggression tho Lulu will bark at strangers for a bit
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