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Tatiana's House Cleaning & Organizing Services's Photo

Tatiana's House Cleaning & Organizing Services

15th Street North 5th Avenue North, Saint Petersburg, FL

Hi my name is Tatiana R, I am a 24 year old, Transgender Female and My pronouns are she/her/hers and I always have a lot of spare time and during these hours & these days 8:30AM-7:30Pm Monday-Friday & 8AM-5PM Saturday-Sunday and I have decided, to use my spare time to try to make some extra Money by offering anyone who needs they're House Cleaned & Organization my Time & Services I am willing to clean and/or organize your home for a price that is negotiable depending on how many rooms, and bathrooms I am cleaning and how big the rooms & bathrooms are in size, and weather i am just cleaning or I am just organizing or both, cleaning & organizing and if your into nude cleaners I am ok with cleaning your home in my bra & underwear or fully nude at no extra cost I am fine with whatever you choose just inform me of your choice, and Please call me 24 hours ahead of time to set everything up over the phone and I will answer any questions you may have for me at that time to schedule a day call me anytime and any day during the hours of 8AM-7:30PM with any and all House Cleaning and Organizing Jobs your going to Offer me and tell me what day & the date you'll need my services and please provide me with a brief summary of what I'll be doing within your home please & thank you.

Price is
$25 Per Room Or Bathroom Or Kitchen (Price Per Area is Negotiable Depending On The Size Of The Areas I Am Cleaning)
Pay one of my flat rate prices that apply only to whole entire house Cleanings only. Otherwise it's 25$ Per Room or per space price is Negotiable depending on sizes of the areas I am cleaning.

The pictures I've provided with this ad are recent pictures of Me (Tatiana ) I prefer to work alone, and I also work better alone.
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