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Companion Care Needed For Myself - Hello, My name is Alicia, I'...

Full Time $18 – 31/hr Starts 11/18 Brooklyn, NY
Hello, My name is Alicia, I'm currently dealing with a specific health issue: trouble swallowing so I'm only able to follow a liquid diet of drinks, meal replacements, protein shakes & baby food. Mostly I'd need help with meal preps is fairly simple as its only drinks and to help me stay on top on taking all my vitamins and supplements. Also because this has caused me to go through a malnutrition breakdown, I lost e a lot of weight so this affects my energy levels daily and gives. me a chronic fatigue and it makes me difficult to function and do the basic things. Depending on the day and my energy levels I'm temporarily using a wheelchair if I have to go out or to a doctors appointment. My current days structure is I stay home and wok remote from home and I order everything online as far as groceries, supplies, etc. I'm also currently working with a health coach to manage my nutrition and malnutrition deficiencies. I do Physical therapy sessions where someone comes to my place one a week to try to stay active. I'm looking for someone that could help me with meal prep, I have to follow a specific diet of protein powders and blend them on m blender, getting packages from one floor down and coming with me to doctor's appointments in an or car service. Looking for someone that is a nurse practitioner, that has a minimum of 3 years of experience taking care of people, that is reliable, caring & attentive. Looking forward to your earliest response. All my Best, Alicia About the care needs: 1. Caring, emphatic, Kindness, compassion, trustworthiness, fairness, attention to detail, problem solving skills. great communication Skills, reliable, commitment to Patient. 2. I'm looking for a nurse practitioner with a minimum of 3-5 years of experience. 3. Someone active, dynamic, energetic, vital. Services needed include: transportation, meal preparation, errands / shopping, and light housekeeping.

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