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Photo for A Father Looking For Help. Could That Be You? - Do you like to d...

A Father Looking For Help. Could That Be You? - Do you like to d...

Full Time $14 – 19/hr Starts 10/03 Philadelphia, PA
Do you like to dance? Play with toy cars? Can you cook macaroni nd cheese? We'll have I got the dream job for you! My children R (4) and D (1) are such delightful children. They love to play and dance until nap time of course. R loves to dance song and be adventurous. D loves everything on wheels. First you would come to my apartment at 5am, the kids will still be asleep. I will just be leaving for work. The ideal day would consist of activities, outdoor walks in fairmount park. R is going to school year, so she would be ideally on her ABC learning for at least 3 hours a day, broken up into smaller learning blocks. She is also starting tennis, so exercise is very important for both her and D. I don't ever raise my voice at my kids. I've built a foundation of understanding. As adults we don't learn things that way, so please don't expect a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old to learn that way. D loves cars and football. He loves to be outside. R loves everything fairy tale driven. She loves tennis and art. She's a very good painter/ general mess maker. Learning new things, IE letters and numbers. Colors, basic things. Be a master of empathy. Even towards their self. If they are having an off day that may effect the level of care for my children, let's talk it out. Take the day off. Just never bring that into work with you. Yes both parking and public transport are available. I have a 2-year-old white German Shepard. She is energetic, she would need to be walked twice a day. She's very loving.
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