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Seeking Full-time Senior Care Provider - Coffee/ Breakfast 9-10...

Full Time $21 – 30/hr Starts 01/23 Grass Valley, CA
About who needs care: Coffee/ Breakfast 9-10 a.m. sleeps typically till 4-5 p.m. May get up occasionally during the day but always goes back to bed. Lunch depends on his nap time. On arising he will take his own shower I lay out his clothes. Can dress himself but often needs help with buttons. He then watches news or sports then has 1 drink and some peanuts while I make dinner. He eats a good breakfast, small lunch, and dinner he seldom finishes. Loves dessert. Watches TV or goes on his computer after dessert until he goes to bed. 10-10:30 typically. Reads newspaper before turning out light. A bit confused after waking up. His 102nd birthday is 1/27. He is very hard of hearing which creates difficulty communicating with. Doesnt wear his hearing aids and uses tV ears to hear sound on TV. About the care needs: Al is a very good natured person and loves to talk story about the past. He has in the last 6 months declined in his ability to care for himself. I have been his caregiver going into my 3rd year and need occasional help with his care. I would prefer someone who does not mind daily tasks and light housekeeping. Its a big house. I have a trip planned for Feb 28-Mar 8 and I thought I had it covered but now not sure. I am looking at my options. I may have family help for a few days but not confirmed. Thank you. Services needed include: meal preparation, errands / shopping, light housekeeping, companionship, feeding, and bathing / dressing.
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