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Weekend Nanny Job NYC - Experienced, Energetic and Savvy Nanny...

Full Time $35 – 40/hr Starts 10/19 New York, NY
Experienced, Energetic and Savvy Nanny needed SALARY $35 per hour + possible Health benefits after 12 months + paid vacation SCHEDULE Flexible ThursSunday or WedSunday / 3540 hours per week guaranteed 40 hours pay ****Liveout in city, Livein when in Hamptons on work days in July & August*** This is a job for someone savvy, highly cerebral, good worker and proactive, with common sense and attention to detail. If you are ready to jump right in and help out with kids, this is the right fit for you! REQUIREMENTS ProActive, not shy able to jump right in on the first day and build a bond with kids and help the kids immediately PRO NANNIES ONLY! Mom wants someone who feels comfortable in the home right away. Long Term job history / Ability to commit to 2+ years although a 5 year commitment is preferred ****Experience with Allergies**** all 3 children have food allergies Experience with Multiples Experience working in Formal & Fast Paced environments Low maintenance no divas or elitist attitudes will be permitted Hard working incredible work ethic is required Goes above and beyond, works as a team Does not have an attitude / hard worker Truly loves children / Enjoys being with kids Great energy Loves to travel Availability to travel during the year if needed highly responsible & great with time management Common Sense be as helpful as you can College education preferred, not a deal breaker Driver license preferred, not a deal breaker The staff is very happy in their jobs with the family and Employer is looking for a nanny that is easy to work with. You must be down to earth and willing to do a load of laundry if needed, you will be expected to have manners and be polite, and have a pleasant attitude and above all else care about the children, truly. Nanny needed for 3 children 7.5 year old boy, 4 year old boy, 9 year old girl Job duties include but are not limited to Allergy Awareness All 3 of them have severe anaflactic shock Microdosing for the allergies The refrigerator has notes and the pantry is labeled. Older 2 kids are allergic to peanuts, tree nuts and some seeds 4 year old is anaflactic to wheat, eggs, some nuts, some seeds *****Be very efficient and always ask the mom if you aren't sure about a food, send her a photo on the phone. Must be highly competent.**** Good energy, be able to anticipate the needs of the house and really bond and interact with the kids, learn the kids preferences Efficient, anticipating the needs of the family and kids and being as helpful as possible Travel International 2x per year Reminding the children of manners They are very respectful, they are very self aware and socially aware, they run a tight ship. They are disciplined and the mom demands politeness and manners from staff and children. Making eye contact, please and thank you to doorman. Helping out as needed clearing the table, helping the housekeepers with children laundry, running errands for the mom, tending to the kids Waking up with the kids, dropping them at school Very exciting job they do everything at high octane levels, the staff works hard but its a very fast paced lifestyle and a lot of fun for someone with a great work ethic Someone who loves being outdoors is important Family has full time housekeepers, Nanny should just have the desire to help out as needed they work as a team, Housekeepers help nanny if needed and Nanny should be able to help out others in the house as well. 2 of The kids are learning Spanish at school
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