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I am a young working professional with a regul...

Babysitter - Hi, I am a young working professional with a regul...

Full Time $12 – 15/hr Starts 05/22 Raleigh, NC
Hi, I am a young working professional with a regular 8-5 job. My kids are in daycare 5 days per week (8-5). Their mother and I separated recently and I am looking to get a second job serving / bartending. We have a rotating 2-2-3 schedule which means she has them 2 days, I have them 2 days, then she has them 3 days, then we switch. This makes our schedule a Week A/Week B situation. While I'm working a second job (which I do not have yet), the job will likely have shifts starting around 4 or 5pm, and I will likely work until 11pm/12 a.m. I'll only need a sitter a 1-3 days a week maximum, and probably not every week depending on the restaurant/bar schedule. I. e. if I'm working a night where their mother has the kids, I obviously won't need a sitter. This will only be for nights where I am scheduled to work a night shift but I happen to have the kids that day. I'm also looking for someone who can be available for ad hoc weekend babysitting if I want to go out for a few hours on a Friday or Saturday when I have the kids (for leisure), but that will be seldom. I'll require that you learn their bedtime routine, prepare an easy dinner (much of the time I can prepare in advance), then read to them and put them to bed. After that, you're welcome to watch TV and make yourself at home while they sleep until I get home. My daughter is 2 and my son is 4-- they are sweethearts and can also a little bit of a handful (as most kids are!) They like books, coloring, tactile activities, movies and shows (we have Disney+), and playing outside. My son loves to talk! (Lol) Let me know if you have any questions about my kids or the situation! Should be patient and ready to let the kids have fun. Not looking for anyone overly strict There is a big parking lot in my townhouse complex you can use-- there's always available space I have a small cat who mostly stays out of the way-- I won't need any help with him, but it's good for you to be aware he's there!
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FAQ for child care jobs in Raleigh

In 2023, how much do child care jobs pay in Raleigh, NC?
The average pay rate for child care jobs in Raleigh, NC on Care.com is $15.75 per hour as of June 2023. This rate will vary depending on your previous child care experience, as well as the number of kids you'll care for, the child care certifications you have and the total amount of hours required of you per day/week.
How can I find child care jobs near me in Raleigh, NC?
Care.com has 168 child care positions in Raleigh, NC. You can search for local families looking to hire a child care worker by distance from Raleigh and compare your options by filtering by hourly pay rate, the ages and number of kids you will be caring for and the number of hours you hope to work for the family each week.
Can I find a child care job during the COVID-19 pandemic?
Many families and caregivers continue to rely on Care.com as a place to connect and help each other especially during these critical times when parents struggle between work and child care. Many parents working from home will want to have a reliable and responsible person who can care for their children while they work. If you're looking for a child care job, there are currently 168 job opportunities in Raleigh, NC posted by families who need help at home.