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Find bird sitters in Charlotte, NC that you’ll love

59 bird sitters are listed in Charlotte, NC

The average rate is $13/hr as of June 2024

The average experience for nearby bird sitters is 4 years

Bird sitters in Charlotte, NC

Frances M.'s Photo

Frances M.

Charlotte, NC

$5-10/hr8 yrs exp

Pet Sitter Available

I have been caring for pets now for about 10 years. I love dogs, and all animals for that matter. I have mostly cared for large dogs (Labs, Great Danes, etc.), but that doesn't mean I don't care for smaller dogs. I have also cared for many cats, fish, and reptiles (lizards, snakes, etc.) as well as birds. Over these years the...
Frances can also help with: Pet walking, daily feeding, pet sitting, grooming, administration of medicine, boarding & more
Zoe R.'s Photo

Zoe R.

Charlotte, NC

$17-20/hr5 yrs exp

Dog Lover

Hello wonderful pet owners! My name is Zoë and I am a well experienced pet lover! I am a student at CU Boulder in the department of Environmental design. I am a dog lover primarily however I have experience with special needs dogs and cats, to birds and reptiles, to cows, goats and horses! I absolutely love all animals! I am...
Zoe can also help with: Boarding, administration of medicine, pet sitting
Hannah N.'s Photo

Hannah N.

Charlotte, NC


Loving Pet Sitter

I LOVE all animals! I have 2 cats, a dog, 3 snakes, and 2 leopard gecko's of my own! I have some experience with birds (I had one briefly growing up and my grandmother had many I got to help take care of when I visited!) I have been pet sitting for 3 years and have yet to come across an animal I didn't fall in love with!
Hannah can also help with: Pet sitting
Tamara B.'s Photo

Tamara B.

Charlotte, NC

$10-30/hr3 yrs exp

A Girl Who Loves Pets!

Hello there! My background with pets is extensive. I was raised with pets my entire life. I had dogs growing up, I ve had a turtle, several hamsters, and helped raise 10 infant puppies until they were old enough to go to their new homes. As for pet care, I have been a dog sitter for many years. I ve cared for dogs, cats,...
Tamara can also help with: Pet sitting, pet walking, administration of medicine
Sofia R.'s Photo

Sofia R.

Charlotte, NC

$18-25/hr4 yrs exp

Part-time Pet Care Avaliable!

I currently provide dog-sitting services in your own home. I have taken care of a variety of animals my whole life including dogs, ferrets, cats, birds, bunnies, and pigs! I hold 4+ years of paid experience and can provide references. I currently have a chihuahua and 2 boxers who I love dearly. I adore dogs of all sizes and ages...
Savannah S.'s Photo

Savannah S.

Charlotte, NC

$5-15/hr4 yrs exp

Very Experienced And Educated Animal Lover

I currently own a 5 gallon freshwater fish tank with a beta fish and a 75 gallon salt water tank with 2 clown fish. I also have 3 cats of various ages, and a 4-year-old Rottweiler/German Shepherd. I have previously owned hamsters, rabbits, birds, snakes, and various wild animals. The only animal I am uncomfortable with is...
Savannah can also help with: Pet transportation, pet sitting, administration of medicine, pet walking
Tia C.'s Photo

Tia C.

Charlotte, NC


Pet Care Provider, LOVES PETS!!

I've had a lot of pets in my lifetime. I absolutely LOVE animals, Ive had experience with potty training puppies and also teaching them tricks. I have two dogs, a toy poodle and a lab, one bird, a quacker parrot, and a cat. I've had experience with horses also we used to have a palomino. I know how to ride horses, saddle,...
Tia can also help with: Daily feeding, pet walking, pet sitting, dog training, boarding, administration of medicine & more
Brandi S.'s Photo

Brandi S.

Charlotte, NC

$10-15/hr2 yrs exp


Hello everyone! My name is Brandi and I am 19 years old. I love pets and have a lot of my own. Throughout my life I have had dogs, cats, fish, birds, guinea pigs, and rabbits. I have a few years experience doing small pet sitting jobs for family friends and neighbors. I am willing to do pet sitting, walking, feeding, and can be...
Brandi can also help with: Pet walking, pet sitting, pet transportation
Carlee N.'s Photo

Carlee N.

Charlotte, NC

$25/hr7 yrs exp

Pawsitively Perfect Pet Care!

With a lifelong devotion to animals of all kinds, my upbringing surrounded by dogs, cats (even lizards, hamsters, birds, etc) has fueled my passion for pet care and their well being. Currently my 120 lb mix breed baby is not just a pet.. but my whole universe. This connection has inspired me to extend care to all animals....
Carlee can also help with: Pet sitting, pet walking, pet transportation
Lauren B.'s Photo

Lauren B.

Charlotte, NC

$25/hr10 yrs exp

Pets Are Family

I have been around animals ever since I was a child. I used to be always pet sit for my neighbors in Chicago and Lake Wylie. (I presently reside in Charlotte.) I have experience with dogs, cats, birds and even reptiles. I have always had a big heart for animals. I have 7 years experience working as a Pet Stylist where I learned...
Lauren can also help with: Boarding, pet transportation, administration of medicine, pet sitting, grooming, pet walking & more
My name is Liah, I've always had pets while growing up in my home. I've always had to take care of my dogs and cats since birth pretty much. I've owned dogs cats birds and fishes in all my homes.
Giselle can also help with: Pet sitting, pet walking

Kira H.

Charlotte, NC

$15-50/hr6 yrs exp

About Me

I am currently a sophomore at UNCC. Studying CJUS. My goal is to become a profiler. I've been passionate about studying why people do what they do. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with my friends and family. I am a HUGE animal person. I myself have 2 dogs (who are now seniors) 4 birds, and 4 chickens. I use to have a...
Kira can also help with: Pet walking, daily feeding, pet sitting
Lourdes C.'s Photo

Lourdes C.

Fort Mill, SC

$15-25/hr10 yrs exp

I Can Help You To Take Care Of Your Love Ones!

Hired by 1 family in your neighborhood

Hi My name is Lourdes I'm very responsible, patient, energetic and love animals!!! I'm grow up with cats , dogs , birds , reptiles and understand how important are our pet family members ...
Lourdes can also help with: Pet sitting, pet walking
Brittany T.'s Photo

Brittany T.

Fort Mill, SC

$15-25/hr7 yrs exp


Hired by 1 family in your neighborhood

Hi! My passion is working with dogs. I plan to become a part time dog groomer, and part time walker/sitter. Dogs have my heart, and even when the job is physically exhausting and messy, it still brings me so much joy to work with them. I also very much love cats, birds, reptiles*, and rodents. I am currently available for...
Brittany can also help with: Grooming, pet walking
"Brittany was great with our dog. However, charged way too much with added fees. Would suggest checking on that before hiring anyone. However would highly recommend Brittany."

Leta F.

Peyton N.'s Photo

Peyton N.

Belmont, NC

$8-13/hr2 yrs exp

Pet Care

Hired by 1 family in your neighborhood

My name is Peyton. I grew up with chocolate labs and everyone in my extended family has had a variety of animals including birds, cats, and guinea pigs. I recently just got a french bulldog and his name is Bleu. I love animals and enjoy being around them.
Peyton can also help with: Boarding, pet sitting, pet walking

Red Cross Pet First Aid Certified

Bonded and insured

Kyndall A.'s Photo

Kyndall A.

Indian Trail, NC

$8-12/hr1 yrs exp

Friendly Pet Sitter

Hey I'm Kyndall I've pretty much been around animals my entire life. Ranging from my own dogs cats, and fish to my friends bearded dragons and pet birds. I mainly look after cats, dogs, rabbits, and pet fish. I don't have much experience with exotic animals but I'm willing to learn and try. I look forward to meeting you guys in...
Kyndall can also help with: Pet sitting
Brenda M.'s Photo

Brenda M.

Matthews, NC

$18-29/hr1 yrs exp

Pet Care Provider

I am an experienced pet owner, I have dogs, cats and chameleons I have owned birds, iguanas, and a variety of reptiles. My children are now grown and I would love to spread the love. Give me a call if I can help with your pets.
Brenda can also help with: Pet sitting, pet walking, dog training, grooming, administration of medicine

Red Cross Pet First Aid Certified

Amani M.'s Photo

Amani M.

Pineville, NC

$8-13/hr4 yrs exp

Animal Lover

Hi! My name is Amani and I am a yoga teacher, House Manager, and mama of 5 humans. I also have 1 cat (Lucy), a retired racing greyhound (Benny), and fish! I also love to feed the local wildlife including birds, raccoons (Bumbles and Herman), chipmunks, squirrels and even a fox! I am available for pet sitting (your home), driving...
Amani can also help with: Pet walking, pet sitting, pet transportation
Hi! My name is Hailey. I am a nanny who has experience in pet sitting birds, cats, and dogs! I also have 2 cats and 2 dogs of my own!
Hailey can also help with: Pet walking, pet sitting
Kassandra R.'s Photo

Kassandra R.

Fort Mill, SC

$12-30/hr10 yrs exp

I have dog sat for many different dog breeds and cats. I am also comfortable with reptiles, fish, birds and small animals. I myself have had several dogs and cats, as well as snakes, geckos and other lizards as well as Guinea pigs so I have experience with a wide range of animals.
Kassandra can also help with: Pet walking, pet sitting

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