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Bird sitters in Charlotte, NC

Brandi G.'s Photo

Brandi G.

Charlotte, NC

$8-13/hr5 yrs exp

A Paw-sitive Pet Sitter :)

Background Check

Not all dogs are good boys, some of them are good girls! Tike them all. Male, female, big, small, tall, short, old, young. you name it! I'd love to pupsit for you and enjoy the company of all your pets! I have no allergies so cats and other furry friends are welcome. I've owned quite a few babies so far in my life including big,...
Brandi can also help with: Boarding, Pet walking
Carlee N.'s Photo

Carlee N.

Charlotte, NC

$25/hr7 yrs exp

Pawsitively Perfect Pet Care!

Background Check

With a lifelong devotion to animals of all kinds, my upbringing surrounded by dogs, cats (even lizards, hamsters, birds, etc) has fueled my passion for pet care and their well being. Currently my 120 lb mix breed baby is not just a pet.. but my whole universe. This connection has inspired me to extend care to all animals....
Carlee can also help with: Pet transportation, Pet sitting, Pet walking
Gabrielle E.'s Photo

Gabrielle E.

Charlotte, NC

$10-15/hr6 yrs exp

Reliable Pet Sitter: Your Furry And Feathered Friends

Background Check

Hello! I'm Gabby, a 22-year-old recent college grad with extensive pet care experience. I've cared for various dog and cat breeds through fostering, pet sitting, shelter volunteering, as well as owning my own share of pets over the years. I've also owned birds, so I am comfortable taking care of feathered friends as well!...
Gabrielle can also help with: Pet walking, Pet sitting, Pet transportation, Grooming
Lauren B.'s Photo

Lauren B.

Charlotte, NC

$15-20/hr10 yrs exp

Pets Are Family

Background Check

I have been around animals ever since I was a child. I used to be always pet sit for my neighbors in Chicago and Lake Wylie. (I presently reside in Charlotte.) I have experience with dogs, cats, birds and even reptiles. I have always had a big heart for animals. I have 7 years experience working as a Pet Stylist where I learned...
Lauren can also help with: Pet transportation, Pet walking, Administration of medicine, Grooming, Boarding, Pet sitting

Kira H.

Charlotte, NC

$15-50/hr6 yrs exp

About Me

Background Check

I am currently a sophomore at UNCC. Studying CJUS. My goal is to become a profiler. I've been passionate about studying why people do what they do. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with my friends and family. I am a HUGE animal person. I myself have 2 dogs (who are now seniors) 4 birds, and 4 chickens. I use to have a...
Kira can also help with: Daily feeding, Pet sitting, Pet walking

Brandy W.

Charlotte, NC

$25-30/hr3 yrs exp

A Wonderful Animal Lover.

Background Check

I really do love animals well I should say dogs cats birds the usual fish me personally I have a (Frenchy)and I love him so much and I have fish as well. I take care of him to the 3rd power I love animals I love to play with them I love to give them in the affection that you will give a human being due to the fact they are more...
Brandy can also help with: Pet walking, Pet sitting
Lourdes C.'s Photo

Lourdes C.

Fort Mill, SC

$15-25/hr10 yrs exp

I Can Help You To Take Care Of Your Love Ones!



Background Check

Hi My name is Lourdes I'm very responsible, patient, energetic and love animals!!! I'm grow up with cats , dogs , birds , reptiles and understand how important are our pet family members ...
Lourdes can also help with: Pet walking, Pet sitting
Brittany T.'s Photo

Brittany T.

Fort Mill, SC

$15-25/hr7 yrs exp




Background Check

Hi! My passion is working with dogs. I plan to become a part time dog groomer, and part time walker/sitter. Dogs have my heart, and even when the job is physically exhausting and messy, it still brings me so much joy to work with them. I also very much love cats, birds, reptiles*, and rodents. I am currently available for...
Brittany can also help with: Grooming, Pet walking

Recent review:

Brittany was great with our dog. However, charged way too much with added fees. Would suggest checking on that before hiring anyone. However would highly recommend Brittany.

Reviewed by Leta F.

Kassandra R.'s Photo

Kassandra R.

Fort Mill, SC

$12-30/hr10 yrs exp

Background Check

I have dog sat for many different dog breeds and cats. I am also comfortable with reptiles, fish, birds and small animals. I myself have had several dogs and cats, as well as snakes, geckos and other lizards as well as Guinea pigs so I have experience with a wide range of animals.
Kassandra can also help with: Pet walking, Pet sitting
Bethany T.'s Photo

Bethany T.

Gastonia, NC

$8-13/hr1 yrs exp

Animal Lover

Background Check

All my life, I have grown up around animals. have always had dogs but had other small animals as well. These include dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, prairie dogs, and fish. I do have to give my dogs medications but never shots. That does not mean I'm not willing to give shots once shown! I will gladly send updates as well as...
Bethany can also help with: Pet walking, Pet sitting, Grooming, Pet transportation
Mallory K.'s Photo

Mallory K.

Fort Mill, SC

$11-18/hr3 yrs exp

Pet Sitter

Background Check

My name is Mallory, and I am attending Winthrop University in the fall! I offer in-home pet care for comfort and convenience. I am very experienced in caring for dogs and cats of all sizes and breeds. I have experience in caring for complicated fish tanks, birds and pretty much all small pets. I can bathe and do some light...
Mallory can also help with: Pet sitting, Pet transportation, Administration of medicine, Pet walking
Zoe B.'s Photo

Zoe B.

Belmont, NC

$12-20/hr3 yrs exp

Background Check

Looking for a reliable pet caregiver? Im happy to help! Whether it's invigorating walks, scenic hikes, or planned outings to the dog park, I ensure your dog gets the exercise and stimulation they require. For those needing shorter visits, quick check-ins are also available. If your pet prefers company throughout the day, I a...
Zoe can also help with: Pet walking, Pet sitting
Alyson R.'s Photo

Alyson R.

Gastonia, NC

$8-13/hr2 yrs exp

Background Check

I am an avid pet lover with experience caring for several types of fury friends such as dogs, pigs, cats, rabbits, sugar gliders, and birds! Each of these pets required various tender needs and gentle care that I am readily available to handle to keep for loved pets so cared for! In addition I have three years of experience as a...
Alyson can also help with: Boarding, Pet walking, Pet sitting
Hannah C.'s Photo

Hannah C.

Midland, NC

$25/hr10 yrs exp

Experienced Baby/Pet Sitter

Background Check

Hi, I'm Hannah. I am a devoted pet sitter eager to provide exceptional care for your furry (or scaly, feathery, etc.) family members. I am passionate about animals and bring a wealth of experience in caring for a variety of animals (including reptiles, birds, and other exotic animals). Whether it's walking your pup, cuddling...
Hannah can also help with: Pet sitting, Pet transportation, Pet walking, Administration of medicine
Erika A.'s Photo

Erika A.

Concord, NC

$15-30/hr1 yrs exp

Loving Pet Caregiver: Fostering Happiness And Well-being For Your Furry Friends

Background Check

I offer play, companionship, and safety for dogs, cats, birds, and small mammals. Special care, open communication, and flexibility ensure your pets are treated like family in a happy and secure environment.
Erika can also help with: Pet walking, Pet transportation, Pet sitting, Boarding
Taylor H.'s Photo

Taylor H.

Fort Mill, SC

$8-13/hr6 yrs exp

Responsible Pet/house Sitter

Background Check

Hello! I am a recent graduate looking to make some extra money this summer before starting my job. I have lots of experience with caring for cats, dogs, fish and birds as I have had all of them my own. I currently have 3 dogs of of my own and have house sat and watched after both dogs and cats.
Taylor can also help with: Pet sitting, Pet transportation, Pet walking
Kyndall A.'s Photo

Kyndall A.

Indian Trail, NC

$8-12/hr1 yrs exp

Friendly Pet Sitter

Background Check

Hey I'm Kyndall I've pretty much been around animals my entire life. Ranging from my own dogs cats, and fish to my friends bearded dragons and pet birds. I mainly look after cats, dogs, rabbits, and pet fish. I don't have much experience with exotic animals but I'm willing to learn and try. I look forward to meeting you guys in...
Kyndall can also help with: Pet sitting
Shurouk M.'s Photo

Shurouk M.

Fort Mill, SC


I Create A Safe,loving And Nurturing Environment For Your Soul!

Background Check

I have had 23 cats 7 dogs along with many birds, fish and pythons as well! Animals require a safe environment to thrive and to feel a level of comfort in and I provide exactly that along with a love, fun and nurturing environment. I utilize my background in psychology to understand animals emotions and to give them a sense of...
Shurouk can also help with: Pet walking, Pet sitting, Boarding
Gabrielle D.'s Photo

Gabrielle D.

Huntersville, NC

$20-25/hr8 yrs exp

Hi Im A Pet Lover!

Background Check

Hi I'm Allison, I'm 29. My fiancé and I recently moved down to Huntersville from Long Island, NY. I was an elementary school teacher for 6 years before switching to my current role in educational sales. My love for teaching began when I was 15. I was the local neighborhood babysitter for many families in my hometown. From there,...
Gabrielle can also help with: Pet sitting, Pet walking, Boarding
Rachel B.'s Photo

Rachel B.

Concord, NC

$10-50/hr4 yrs exp

Rachel -

Background Check

Hi! I have a kitty and hamster of my own and have grown up around cats, dogs, birds, and mini animals such as hamsters and guinea pigs my whole life. I used to nanny a lot prior to nursing school, and I pet sit and house sit for a few people when they go out of town. I can provide references upon any request! I am a nursing...
Rachel can also help with: Pet transportation, Administration of medicine, Pet sitting, Pet walking

Background Check

Hi! My name is Hailey. I am a nanny who has experience in pet sitting birds, cats, and dogs! I also have 2 cats and 2 dogs of my own!
Hailey can also help with: Pet walking, Pet sitting
Taylor P.'s Photo

Taylor P.

Stanley, NC

$17-30/hr1 yrs exp

I Work Woth Children And Pets!

Background Check

I would love to work with all animals! I have more experience with dogs and cats than anything but I am more than willing to learn! I have 2 dogs and 1 cat of my own who I love unconditionally!! I've cared for many animals before including dogs, cats, birds, fish, horses, chickens, etc. All animals are different though, so I...
Taylor can also help with: Pet sitting, Grooming, Pet walking
Morgan P.'s Photo

Morgan P.

Fort Mill, SC

$12-25/hr5 yrs exp

Morgan's Pet Sitting

Background Check

Hi! My name is Morgan and I would love to help care for your pets! I have been pet sitting for around 8 years now. I have been enrolled in 3 years of veterinary classes and have interned in multiple veterinary offices. I have also interned on a horse farm so I have experience with large animals as well. I have pet sat for many...
Morgan can also help with: Pet transportation, Pet sitting, Administration of medicine, Daily feeding, Pet walking, Dog training
Brenda M.'s Photo

Brenda M.

Matthews, NC

$18-29/hr1 yrs exp

Pet Care Provider

Background Check

I am an experienced pet owner, I have dogs, cats and chameleons I have owned birds, iguanas, and a variety of reptiles. My children are now grown and I would love to spread the love. Give me a call if I can help with your pets.
Brenda can also help with: Pet walking, Grooming, Dog training, Administration of medicine, Pet sitting
Mira A.'s Photo

Mira A.

Huntersville, NC

$12-17/hr5 yrs exp

I Am A Loving, Kind, Fun Person.

Background Check

I have 6 years of experience with pet sitting. I have taken care of all size dogs, cats, birds, ferrets. I enjoy animals. My experience has been mostly staying at the persons house where the animals are. I don't mind getting the mail, light house keeping, and watering the plants as well. I enjoy giving the dogs a walk. I have...
Mira can also help with: Dog training, Pet transportation, Pet sitting, Pet walking
Shelby C.'s Photo

Shelby C.

Belmont, NC

$13-22/hr1 yrs exp

My Pets Are My Kids!

Background Check

I am a lover of all animals and have been blessed with so many in my life. Growing up as a girl we kept birds: finches, parakeets and a cockatiel. We always had dog(s) in the home too: Pomeranian, Labrador, German Shepard. Currently, I have 4 animal children that I care for. I have a senior mutt who I've had for the past 12...
Shelby can also help with: Pet walking, Pet sitting, Pet transportation
Taylor R.'s Photo

Taylor R.

Matthews, NC

$10-20/hr5 yrs exp

Background Check

Hi! My name is Taylor and I am an incoming freshman at UNCW. I am fully vaccinated, a non smoker and have my own transportation. I have a lot of experience with kids of all ages, and many different types of pets. I have been volunteering at my Church's Sunday school program for 6 years for children ages 1 to 6. I also have...
Taylor can also help with: Pet sitting, Pet walking
Nyah M.'s Photo

Nyah M.

Cornelius, NC

$8-26/hr2 yrs exp

All Pets Welcome!

Background Check

I have 2 years of professional experience. I can help with Pet Walking and Pet Sitting. I've taken care of pets since I could walk, cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, horses, you name it. I've had puppies and kittens that I cared for until they were 13. I've cared for animals with disabilities, special needs, those deemed aggressive,...
Nyah can also help with: Pet walking, Pet sitting

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