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Rhainn F.'s Photo

Rhainn F.

Washington, DC

$40-100/hr6 yrs exp

TUTORING ALL MATH! Also Tutoring Chemistry And Economics



Background Check

Hello! My name is Rhainn, a math tutor, but I babysit also. I have been tutoring for four years and babysitting for six. Subjects I tutor are K-12 math, GRE, ACT & SAT math, all levels of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics and calculus.

Recent review:

We hired her for a lesson with my daughter. It went very well and we would hire her again but my daughter's schedule did not work this semester for her.

Reviewed by Benedict T.

Donald K.'s Photo

Donald K.

Brooklyn, NY

$50/hr9 yrs exp

Part Time Educator Available



Background Check

Currently employed full time as a high school math teacher. Currently in my 9th year teaching Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2/Trigonometry, and Precalculus courses. Familiar with NYS Regents format and grading. Worked with SpEd students. Certified in Japanese Language Proficiency Test N5.

Recent reviews:

I have a 9 yr old son and he hated Math. Donald taught him techniques, made him understand multiplication. Donald made it fun to learn . Thank u very much Donald

Reviewed by Josephine P.

Nyasha M.'s Photo

Nyasha M.

Winona, MN


Caring College Student

Background Check

Hi there! I am a biochemistry major and math minor at Saint Mary's. I am on the Dean's list and have consistently received A's for calculus and other science subjects. I am aquainted with different types of math such as calculus, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and statics. I'll definitely try to...
Brooklyn G.'s Photo

Brooklyn G.

Gadsden, AL

$12-17/hr1 yrs exp

Background Check

I'm Brooklyn, and I am a 23-year-old recent college grad. I have been a straight A student my whole life. My favorite subjects are math and English. I can tutor any math up to precalculus/trigonometry. Any age/grade. I have tutored middle school children on and off for the past year.
Laura D.'s Photo

Laura D.

New York, NY

$30-45/hr5 yrs exp

Fun And Friendly Math Tutor

Background Check

It is my passion to make math more fun for students of all ages! I am a college graduate with a MA in Math Education and a BA in Mathematics. I have been teaching math for over five years in Middle School, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus classrooms.
Jade H.'s Photo

Jade H.

Bixby, OK

$15-20/hr1 yrs exp

Background Check

Hello! My name is Jade and I have a huge passion for math, and an ever bigger love for teaching it. I'm very patient, organized, and reliable. I have taken and excelled in courses such as Trigonometry, Calculus AB and BC. Teaching children is something I would love to do in the future, but for right...
Marcos R.'s Photo

Marcos R.

Atlantic Beach, FL

$20-40/hr1 yrs exp

Background Check

My name is Marcos. I have a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Union College, NY. I have experience in various areas of mathematics including algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and physics. I am bilingual in English and Spanish. During my free time, I enjoy working out, researching...

Background Check

I am new to tutoring, but I am excellent with English and Math. I can tutor with essay writing, vocabulary, close reading and other English Language Arts requirements. I can also help with the levels of math I excel in; elementary math, trigonometry, algebra, and statistics. I am extremely patient...
Ana M.'s Photo

Ana M.

Ada, MI

$20-27/hr8 yrs exp

Background Check

I've been tutoring in Mathematics since my freshman year of high school (about 9 years - I'm a current graduate of Hope College, that Studied Math and Computer Science). I found my love for math in middle school and am comfortable tutoring in any elementary math levels, pre algebra, geometry,...
Dharmishtha D.'s Photo

Dharmishtha D.

Piscataway, NJ

$25-35/hr3 yrs exp

Full Time/Part Time Math And Science Tutor - Ages 6-16

Background Check

Hi, my name is Dharmi. I started tutoring while I was attending University of Hartford because I love the seeing that "Ah-ha" moment the students get when they understand the material. I tutor in Biology, Chemistry, Genetics, Trigonometry, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Pre-Algebra, and Elementary Math.
Jahmani C.'s Photo

Jahmani C.

Brooklyn, NY

$20-25/hr1 yrs exp


Background Check

Recent college graduate with an Associates degree in Biology . Strong interpersonal skills in working with students to help them achieve and succeed. Worked as a part time tutor for Algebra and trigonometry for college students. Also tutored children from the ages 3-12, with math, reading and...
Ma Veronica P.'s Photo

Ma Veronica P.

Rockville, MD

$25-97/hr3 yrs exp

Background Check

I worked as an English Second Language Teacher in South Korea for almost three years. I have experience tutoring high school math (algebra, trigonometry) and social sciences. I love working with children and teaching, especially young children. I have patience and I am caring, I try to make...
Hannah S.'s Photo

Hannah S.

Rapid City, SD

$10-15/hr2 yrs exp


Background Check

Hello! I have tutored kids in math in the past and love it! I am currently a nursing student in college, so I've taken many different math classes throughout my career including geometry, trigonometry, statistics, pre-calculus, and algebra. I have also taken a variety of science classes including...
Delayne D.'s Photo

Delayne D.

San Diego, CA

$20-25/hr3 yrs exp

Tutor And Sitter In One

Background Check

Growing up as the oldest child of 4, I always helped my siblings with their school work. In college I tutored many classmates and classmates younger siblings. I also was a bioengineering tutor/mentor for my sorority. I am proficient in subjects such as algebra, geometry, trigonometry, biology,...
Rachel S.'s Photo

Rachel S.

Livingston, NJ

$11-35/hr3 yrs exp

Background Check

Hello hello! My name is Rachel and I am currently a New York University Stern School of Business student. I can teach English (reading/writing), Math (basic math, algebra, trigonometry, pre-calculus, calculus AB/BC, multivariable calculus), test prep (SAT/ACT), Sciences, and College Application....
Victoria S.'s Photo

Victoria S.

Milwaukee, WI

$10-20/hr1 yrs exp

Online Tutor

Background Check

I am currently a sophomore at Marquette University and I am looking for tutoring jobs! I am available to tutor math, English and some sciences. Math: Algebra 1, Geometry, Trigonometry, Algebra 2, along with any level of middle school math English: any level Science: High school Chemistry All of...
Teresenia S.'s Photo

Teresenia S.

Fresno, CA


Part-time Math And English Tutor

Background Check

I was an Honors Algebra1 and Geometry student (I am an Honors trigonometry student but I admit am a lot better at the other levels of math). I've aced every single essay I have ever written and as a result I earned multiple certificates and awards and I am an AP English 3 student. (I ALSO BABYSIT)....
Selafina N.'s Photo

Selafina N.

Layton, UT


Math And/or Science Tutor

Background Check

Hi! My name is sela. I am a current Biochemistry major. I tutor for high school Algebra, Trigonometry, and Geometry. I also tutor for high school science, general and organic. If you're interested please send me a message of which class you're interested in being tutored in and the days and times...
Madison V.'s Photo

Madison V.

Columbus, OH


Cheerful And Enthusiastic Math Tutor

Background Check

Math pops up everywhere in our day to day lives. It's important for us to be comfortable with its concepts and applications so that we can function more confidently and swiftly. I have experience with Algebra, trigonometry, geometry, and have taken courses through Calculus 3. I have babysitting...
Kylie F.'s Photo

Kylie F.

San Diego, CA


Passionate Tutor

Background Check

I love teaching math because numbers make sense and it's not abstract. I am good at helping kids understand how number work with each other. Algebra is my strongest form of math but I also like trigonometry, statistics, and calculus. I love all science classes and enjoy learning therefore helping...
Irwin L.'s Photo

Irwin L.

Bensalem, PA

$20-25/hr10 yrs exp

Math Tutor.

Background Check

Tutor all High School Maths from Algebra to Precalculus. I have tutored Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Precalculus including Trigonometry. I also have experience using the TI-83 and Ti-84 Texas Instruments graphing calculator. Word problems are also presented with the above topics so that the...

Background Check

I graduate high school June 4th and I take college level Advanced Placement classes. I have taken algebra 1 and 2, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, and calculus ab (1) and bc (2). I will teach any math topic needed. I am a part of the National Math Honors Society and the National Society of...
Neil P.'s Photo

Neil P.

Plano, TX


Math Tutor

Background Check

I have had prior experience at Gideon Math and Reading. I have a strong grasp from elementary math to Algebra I and II, Pre-Cal, Trigonometry, and Calculus. My number one reason for tutoring is to see the light bulbs go off in children and teenagers. Being able to understand something and explain it...

Background Check

I recently graduated Magna cum laude from high school, in addition to having above a 1500 on the SAT. I love kids of all ages, teaching, and making connections with students and subjects. I'm an avid reader, writer, and editor, and I am studying Biology and Philosophy. I also have a good background...
Francisca O.'s Photo

Francisca O.

El Cajon, CA

$35/hr10 yrs exp

Patient Tutor



Background Check

I have over 20 years of classroom teaching plus after school tutoring experience; a Masters Degree and a valid teaching credential. I can help with general education as well as focus on Mathematics from 4th grade to pre-calculus and Trigonometry. I have a lot of patience and I love to help students...

Recent reviews:

I can't ask for a better tutor! She is such a caring person. Very passionate about helping kids. We love her here!!!

Reviewed by Nancy P.

Background Check

I had an unweighted 3. 9 GPA throughout high school. I started off college in the teaching program and even did my student teaching. I have worked with special needs kids for years. I am fully capable with tutoring for all elementary and middle school subjects. I am also confident in high school...
Michelle W.'s Photo

Michelle W.

Granger, IN

$15-20/hr2 yrs exp

Part-time Tutor Available For Language, History, Writing, And Rudimentary Math

Background Check

I am currently recovering from a long-term illness and am not available to tutor. I'm a recent graduate with a Master's degree in Eastern Philosophy who excels in literature, reading comprehension, phonics, writing, history, French language study, logic, and math through trigonometry. I'm available...
Gregory W.'s Photo

Gregory W.

Cumming, IA

$20-40/hr10 yrs exp

High School Math Tutor

Background Check

I am a former high school math teacher. I am now in insurance. I have taught and tutored the following areas: Algebra I , Geometry, Algebra II , Trigonometry, Calculus, and Statistics. I am happy to help your student with their homework, studying for a test, ACT work, etc. I have a good system of...

Background Check

I graduated from Moscow University of transportation in 1987. My major was civil engineer and speciality bridges and tunnels. Moreover I graduated from Cal State LA in 2016. There I obtained bachelor degree in Math. Therefore, I am familiar with both systems of education, Russian and American with...
Laura H.'s Photo

Laura H.

Pittsburgh, PA

$20-25/hr8 yrs exp

Background Check

Although I am new to care. com I have tutored other students in high school and college. I am comfortable helping people with school work up to 12th grade, although when it comes to math I am not proficient past trigonometry. I am highly proficient in science, English, writing, and Spanish. Very...

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Recent trigonometry tutor reviews

Rhainn F.


We hired her for a lesson with my daughter. It went very well and we would hire her again but my daughter's schedule did not work this semester for her.

- Benedict T.

Donald K.


I have a 9 yr old son and he hated Math. Donald taught him techniques, made him understand multiplication. Donald made it fun to learn . Thank u very much Donald

- Josephine P.

Francisca O.


I can't ask for a better tutor! She is such a caring person. Very passionate about helping kids. We love her here!!!

- Nancy P.

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