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Photo for Caregiver For Special Needs Adult/child - C has Dravet's syndrom...

Caregiver For Special Needs Adult/child - C has Dravet's syndrom...

Full Time $16 – 19/hr Starts 08/01 College Station, TX
C has Dravet's syndrome, a seizure disorder, that has caused mental delays and physical limitations. He has seizures most mornings, but short, understands and speaks but more on a 2 yr old level. He is potty trained but mostly in a wheelchair to get around. He can walk limited amounts with assistance. He LOVES basic things like music/singing, Dr. Seuss books, going to church, throwing balls, pool time, cows and trains, and friends at Bee Community. He does need pretty complete assistance with all activities to get ready for the day and then getting ready for bed for the night shift. Meals do have to be put together, but easy stuff, and he needs help eating. He is potty trained but still needs help wiping, and getting pants up and down. The morning shift is mostly bathing, grooming, and eating. The middle shift is keeping him busy during the day with fun activities. This may be going to stores, loves the pet store, parks to see ducks, manipulatives at home, Bee community, Books, and other activities we come up with. Night shift is eating dinner, playing with manipulatives, and getting ready for bed. We will help train you in all these areas!! Desirable qualities in a care giver would be someone who is gentle, caring/loving, patient, moderately strong, energetic/positive attitude, punctual, and able to handle someone who can be fairly uncooperative at times!! :). He is super sweet, and can also be super grumpy, especially with transitions!! This can also be a great job for someone going into special ed, physical therapy, but not at all necessary!!