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Daniel B.'s Photo

Daniel B.

Athens, GA

$8-13/hr2 yrs exp

Background Check

I'm a very friendly young man. I can help with whatever is needed. I'm very good with the elderly and will help in any way I can.
Michelle S.'s Photo

Michelle S.

Garden Grove, CA

$16-21/hr10 yrs exp

I’m Here To Help

Background Check

Hi, I'm Michelle, bringing over a decade of senior care experience. My skills encompass daily tasks, cleaning, transportation, companionship, dementia care, hygiene, and various facets of daily life. Let's discuss how I can provide comprehensive support for your loved ones.
Sam F.'s Photo

Sam F.

Pasadena, TX

$21/hr7 yrs exp

Background Check

I have been passionate about elder care for the past 7 years. My role as a sales counselor involved guiding families through selecting suitable levels of care for those close to them. My experience has taught me how to provide quality patient care for seniors. Daily routines are essential for ensuring that those you care about...
Jessica P.'s Photo

Jessica P.

Miami, FL

$20-35/hr3 yrs exp

Occupational Therapist

Background Check

I am an OT with more than 20 years experience working with primarily adults/geriatrics. Currently I work where I enjoy helping my clients achieve their goals in their own environment. I am looking for a change of pace where I can help people outside of including errands, driving, housework. I am a closet professional...
Calvin J.'s Photo

Calvin J.

Irvine, CA

$14-25/hr1 yrs exp

34 Yo Male Looking To Help Those In Need

Background Check

Took care of my grandmother to the age of 92, spent 3 years working in Physical Therapy office in customer service area, looking to offer my gifts to those in need! I'd describe my personality as disciplined, organized, patient. I like caring for seniors because they deserve help and care just like everyone else. I'm looking...
Barbara S.'s Photo

Barbara S.

Las Vegas, NV

$12-25/hr10 yrs exp

Professional Personal Assistant

Background Check

I have 10 years of experience. I can help with Transportation Services and Errands/Shopping. Also extensive experience in post surgical care until full recovery. Ambitious Certificate Nursing and Personal Assistant possessing extensive experience with patient care in medical and private settings. Strong observational skills...
Tayler C.'s Photo

Tayler C.

Greenville, PA

$13-15/hr7 yrs exp

Background Check

I have spent 7 wonderful years as a Certified nursing assistant in long term care facilities all over this side of PA gaining experience in many different areas! I am very passionate about my job and I love to help others!
Javonne T.'s Photo

Javonne T.

Riverhead, NY

$17-26/hr2 yrs exp

Here To Help And Be A Lending Ear

Background Check

Hospice care assisted living house lift safety belt communication skills thoughtfulness strong perseverance
Cesar S.'s Photo

Cesar S.

West Palm Beach, FL

$21-50/hr4 yrs exp

Hello All! I'm Justice Caesar, I Am A Certified Medical Assistant, With 3+ Years Of Experience.

Background Check

Hello all, my name is Justice Cesar, I am a certified medical assistant, with 3+ years of training. I am reliable, compassionate, and gentle. I'd describe my personality as reliable, compassionate, trustworthy I like caring for seniors because it's always been a passion of mine growing up, I love being the helping hand I'm...
Kathlyn V.'s Photo

Kathlyn V.

Los Angeles, CA

$17-22/hr3 yrs exp

Background Check

I have helped elderly people for the past five years. Helping them clean and cook for them. I assisted getting them groceries and running errands.
Mykah C.'s Photo

Mykah C.

Siloam Springs, AR

$19-22/hr3 yrs exp

Background Check

I currently work as a CNA at a rehabilitation hospital. I have a joy in helping people and up for more experiences. I would love to help take care of your grandparents, mother, father, or friend. I have over three years experience in helping with daily living tasks and more.
Pauline B.'s Photo

Pauline B.

Clemson, SC

$20/hr3 yrs exp

God Come First In Everything I Do.

Background Check

I'd describe my personality as good I like caring for seniors because It, s something I was born with, and it comes naturally. And I love helping. I'm looking for a job that I will love and enjoy it doing what I live best and praying get a beautiful family who will give me a chance to take care of their loved ones. I...
Jennifer F.'s Photo

Jennifer F.

Providence, RI

$20-26/hr1 yrs exp

Background Check

Hi ! I am kind, compassionate, understanding, and a great listener. I am currently working toward my associates degree, I plan on working in health care after I graduate. I am looking to help around the house, be a great companionship. I also have experience caring for others in their most vulnerable states. I believe in...
Susan S.'s Photo

Susan S.

Saint Paul, MN

$14-28/hr5 yrs exp

Experienced Professional

Background Check

I’d describe my personality as kind, thoughtful, and respectful. I also like to have fun and enjoy spending time in laughter with others. I like caring for seniors because it gives me the opportunity to express compassion and empathy as well as joy in getting to know them. I’m looking for a job that allows me to use my...

Background Check

I'm looking for a side income willing to help care for elders whether that's cooking, cleaning,! :)
Manu T.'s Photo

Manu T.

Hayward, CA

$14-22/hr8 yrs exp

Hello, My Name Is Manu. I Have Been A Caretaker Since I Was 18 Years Old And I Am Now In My Late 20s

Background Check

I’d describe my personality as funny, caring, & loving I like caring for seniors because I've always dreamed of what it would have been like to experience a life with grandparents! So I like to think of caring for seniors as if I was taking care of my own loved one. I’m looking for a job that will help me build more...
Ashley H.'s Photo

Ashley H.

Deland, FL

$17-20/hr5 yrs exp

Background Check

When I was in high school, I took care of my father often when he was sick with cancer. At that time, I didn't know that was my calling. So, I went off to college. I studied culinary arts and was a chef for about 8 years. I loved it. But, still something was missing. On the down times when business got slow during the summer, I...
Jasmine G.'s Photo

Jasmine G.

Jamestown, TN

$8-13/hr1 yrs exp

Background Check

I have experience sitting with and caring for seniors. I enjoy helping people and am in school for Nursing currently.
Tracy D.'s Photo

Tracy D.

Hopkins, MN

$14-28/hr10 yrs exp

Background Check

I’d describe my personality as a very passionate, reliable and loving person I like caring for seniors because am a people's person and helping someone makes my day I started caring for seniors when 19 years old In my spare time, I like to spend time with my nieces One thing you should know about me is am open to...
Amelia B.'s Photo

Amelia B.

Concord, NC

$20/hr3 yrs exp

Loving People.

Background Check

Hello.. I have 3 yrs of working in a nursing home caring for the elder. I enjoy talking to people taking in knowledge, wisdom and seeing them smile. Alot of senios feel alone and forgotten. I want to give comfort and let them know the world is not all bad, people do care. I'm a mother of 2 young ladies & 4 grandkids. I love...

Background Check

I've been a caregiver for 12 years. My experience in home health care has been with my family members over the years. My experience as a caregiver has been with patients who experienced dementia, Alzheimer's, end of life and brain injury. I am a natural caregiver and enjoy helping others. Outside of caregiving I love to sing,...
Kassidy W.'s Photo

Kassidy W.

Boiling Springs, NC


ISO Caregiver Work

Background Check

I am a masters student who is looking for caregiver work. I am available to be a companion to seniors who need help with housework, taking medication, driving to appointments, and finding fun ways to spend the day!
Zymba E.'s Photo

Zymba E.

Buena Park, CA

$25-35/hr3 yrs exp

Background Check

I'd describe my personality as easy going, organized, jolly I like caring for seniors because it's my passion. I'm looking for a job that will be regualy basis and will help me too to grow and improve my skills I started caring for seniors and adults with disabilities when I came here in US since 2015 In my spare time, I...
Ahini M.'s Photo

Ahini M.

Miami, FL

$16/hr2 yrs exp

Older Adults Deserve Very Special Care, Because They Are Like Big Babies. They Deserve Love!

Background Check

I'd describe my personality as Loving, empathetic and patient! I like caring for seniors because They are very Vite! I'm looking for a job that gives me professional growth and as a human being. I started caring for seniors when I saw my mother taking care of my grandparents. She did it with a lot of love. In my spare time,...
Carol W.'s Photo

Carol W.

Saint Louis, MO

$12-13/hr3 yrs exp

Helpful And Caring

Background Check

I have 3 years of experience. I can help with Transportation Services and Meal Preparation. I have CPR certification.
Taylor D.'s Photo

Taylor D.

Chester, VA

$24/hr1 yrs exp

Background Check

Hello, my name is Taylor. I have joined the caregiving profession and I am ready to help you and your family. I am happily married with two children. I have my own photography business and I have worked in the dental field for 10 years. The last couple of years I have helped in the caregiving field and find it very rewarding in...
Anna Maria V.'s Photo

Anna Maria V.

Saint Petersburg, FL

$14-23/hr3 yrs exp

Background Check

I’d describe my personality as advocating, patient, and a good listener. I’m looking for a job that is rewarding and fulfilling. I started caring for seniors when my grandmother was sick. So when I was 7 I always begged my grandfather to let me help him. Little did I know that I would use everything he taught me to care...
Fezile M.'s Photo

Fezile M.

East Orange, NJ

$20-25/hr5 yrs exp

Hi My Name Is Angel, I Am A Senior Caregiver With 4/5 Years Experience As A Live-in Caregiver.

Background Check

I'd describe my personality as compassionate, patient, and caring. I like caring for seniors because I genuinely love helping people, old or young, I love the emotional fulfillment of helping others. working with seniors teaches me to be more patient, and also seniors have the best stories and advice. I'm looking for a job...
Payton B.'s Photo

Payton B.

Port Charlotte, FL

$17-20/hr3 yrs exp

I Love Patient Care And I Am Planning On Going To Nursing School So I Can Better Assist Pts.

Background Check

I love caring for patients because I know I'm helping improve someone's life I love helping people who need it!
Erin K.'s Photo

Erin K.

Park Ridge, IL

$25/hr1 yrs exp


Background Check

I am a kind, reliable, hardworking mom who would like to make things easier for you by assisting with errands, light housework and to-dos, meal preparation, transportation, pet care and many other things. I am also good company, a loyal companion, and love getting to know people, learn about their lives, and listen to their...

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