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ACT - SAT Prep Program Tutor - The Tutoring Center instructors/t...

Part Time $14 – 25/hr Starts ASAP Lake Zurich, IL
The Tutoring Center instructors/tutors are an essential part of our Company, and we are determined to hire and develop only the best. You must possess not only the aptitude for SAT/ACT problems but also the personality and professionalism that our students and their parents expect. If you excel at solving SAT/ACT-type problems, motivating students, and delivering personalized service, we encourage you to apply to work with The Tutoring Center. Benefits of working for The Tutoring Center include: Competitive Pay. Earn $14-$25 per hour depending on experience and tutoring assignment (standard academic programs K-12 also available). Paid training program. We have an in-depth mandatory training program to prepare you. Previous ACT/SAT-prep experience is a plus. Ongoing support. Friendly support from our office staff (we're tutors, too!) and additional training opportunities to enhance your abilities. Unique books and materials. Use our top-notch test prep materials for SAT, ACT and other tests. Tutoring sessions are on weekends and weekday evenings. Some scheduling flexibility is essential. Pay Increases. Our merit raises are designed to reward outstanding performance and client feedback. Focus on your strengths. Proficiency in both math and verbal areas is valued but you may specialize in just one of these areas. In addition, you may tutor in a wide range of other academic subjects. We are always in need of SAT/ACT math experts.

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