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Photo for Seeking Dedicated Caregiver For 7 Yo Disabled Sweet Boy. 20 Hrs/...

Seeking Dedicated Caregiver For 7 Yo Disabled Sweet Boy. 20 Hrs/...

Part Time $18 – 18/hr Starts 10/02 Waukee, IA
C. is my 7 yo son whom I am raising as a single father. Only child. No pets. Non-smoking household. C. suffers from an ultra-rare, rapidly progressive neuro-degenerative disorder (Batten Disease) that is always fatal. There is no cure. Receiving pediatric palliative care for the last 4 years. C. suffers from an irreversible form of childhood dementia with stagnated mental development as 2. 5 yr old despite his continued physical growth. No regression for the past 4 yrs and C. maintains his own. He requires 24/7 close, continuous supervision for his own safety. He has no fear. C. is very caring, loving & compassionate, loves to share, give hugs & kisses. C. wears pull-ups 24/7. He has been seizure free for nearly 3 years now. C. only speaks in 2 or 3 word sentences, loves to play with cars, balls, Play-Doh, his play kitchen, tumble & hop on his indoor & outdoor trampolines. C. needs significant assistance & help with self-cares including clothing, bathing, teeth brushing, but is able to self-feed fully with close supervision for overstuffing. C. is very active and has a very short attention span. He will engage in many activities for brief periods of time, alternate between several, and go back and forth between them. C. attends school full-time in with an IEP (Individual Education Plan) and just finished first grade. C. also loves swimming, camping, playing on slides, swings, and climbing equipment on playgrounds. We travel with our RV which he absolutely loves and fly overseas to Belgium and Austria where our family resides. C. loves to fly and is extremely fascinated with planes. I only speak my native language, Dutch, to C. but he understands both Dutch and English and only answers in English. We eat mostly home cooked meals and healthy recipes. C. maintains a very regular daily routine and requires daily naps for 1. 5 hours, even at school. Sleep is extremely important for him. He also does not tolerate loud noises or busy crowded environments like farmers markets, school cafeterias, etc. I am seeking respite & support cares due to the continuity, chronicity & intensity of the 24/7 cares he requires.