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Dog Trainer Needed To Help With Extra Training - Rodger English...

Part Time $14 – 14/hr Starts 04/03 Parker, CO
Rodger English Bulldog 1 years old Rodger is a very energetic and outgoing puppy. He is literally the sweetest. I don't believe there is a bad bone in his whole body. He is full of love And WRINKLES BUT of course slobber and smelly farts are sure to follow too. He looks attention from people and other dogs, I'm sure he'd probably die if he didn't get attention within 10 minutes of the last time he got attention. He is definitely an extremely social dog and a pretty good listener, However he can be VERY STUBBORN at time!!! I need someone who is willing to help me with some basic training. Helping with pulling on a leash, jumping and being able to stay by me when another dog or person walks by. Since Rodger is super social and has a great personality he tends to not listen while on walks. I've tried everything and am having a little trouble doing this alone. He is super strong and does tend to pull quite a bit ( not so much with me, but when other people try to walk him he tries to take charge!) as well as being a stubborn little guy! RODGER IS SUPER SOCIAL! He gets along great with other animals. However, when we see other dog while outside. Either it's a potty break or a walk, Rodger will try to pull me over to them so he can say hi. This tends to not go so well because dogs in our complex ( some) are mean and react in a negative way. My complex has a permit parking lot. I do have a visitor pass that can be hung inside the car to avoid tickets or towing. There is also a bus stop on the main road just a few blocks from the complex.

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