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FAQs for finding a pet sitting job

What types of pet sitting jobs can I find on
There are many different types of pet sitting jobs on You may find one-time pet sitting requests, regular schedules, and even overnight care. The most popular categories are dog sitting jobs, and cat sitting jobs, although you may find jobs looking for a pet sitter for birds, bunnies, guinea pigs, and more.
How much should I charge for pet sitting?

How much to charge for pet sitting will depend on your location and the services you provide. The average pay rate for pet sitters at a national level is $12.50 per hour as of September 2023. Check profiles that are similar to yours to get a ballpark number. Pet sitters who provide walks usually charge a fixed rate per walk, which may vary depending on whether they walk one dog or several dogs at the same time.

If you sign up to create a profile on, you can include a general estimated rate per hour based on the service you provide. Job posts for pet sitting are a good place to see what the pay rate per hour is to get started. Once you've connected with someone and discussed job details, you can settle on a final rate.