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Photo for Indoor And Outdoor Cat Care Needed

Indoor And Outdoor Cat Care Needed

Part Time
We are in need of someone to feed our outdoor cats and our indoor cats for two days. Duties include feeding our outdoor cats who live outside and feeding our 4 indoor cats and scooping their litter boxes. 1 of our cats is isolated alone in a room and has his own separate litter box. As long as all cats are cared for and are fed with water and scooped litter there is no requirement to stay for the entire hour indicated on the listing. All cats are extremely friendly and love interacting with people. Solid, Stripey, Mancha, and Simone live inside. Rio lives in our back room alone. Rio is weak and cannot be with the other cats in the house. Solid, Stripey, and Simone are all very friendly cats who love people Mancha, is very shy and might try to hide from people. Rio, is also a friendly cat but will start off being very shy before warming up to people. Our outside cats have a bin of food outside on a table where they can be fed from. Our indoor cats have a bin of cat food that they eat from. Each bin has a bowl or scoop to food the cats from. Rio eats soft wet food only and his food is available in a basket on our counter. Outside cats get 2 scoops of food on the concrete car port outside our house. Inside cats get 1 scoop of food spread out throughout their bowls in the kitchen floor. Rio gets 2 pouches of wet food in his own bowl in his room in the back of the house. Our pets get along with other cats however, they do not like dogs. While visiting our house to care for our cats you're welcome to park in the driveway.