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Photo for 3 Fur-babies Babysitter Needed! - Hi! My husband and I will be g...

3 Fur-babies Babysitter Needed! - Hi! My husband and I will be g...

One Time $11 – 16/hr Starts 11/12 Gregory, MI
Hi! My husband and I will be going on a family cruise for a week mid November. We are looking for someone to stay at our house during that time period. You do not have to be there 24/7 but more often than not is preferred. We have 3 dogs and 2 cats. The cats are pretty self sufficient. But dogs are not. We have a senior Aussie, Dixie, she doesn't do much and she loves laying on the couch and scratches. Maverick, 2-year-old German shepherd. He's a little skittish around new people. He is NOT aggressive. He just gets scared and barks a lot. He has never bitten or gone after anyone. He is a big baby and the sweetest boy. Just takes a second to warm up to people he's not use to (he's a COVID baby). Then we have Atlas. He's an 8 month only Aussie. He's LOVES attention and snuggles. Belly scratches will completely take over his soul. He likes to chew things though so please be mindful of that. Shoes are his favorite! Maverick, German Shepherd, 2 years old. Dixie, Aussie, 13 years old Atlas, Aussie, 8 months old Maverick; Loving, loves to play. Loves to cuddle/lay right on top of you. Likes to be right in your face. Dixie; calm. Likes to bark at the boys when they play. Does not like the boys being to close to her. But you don't have to separate them. She just barks at them. Loves scratches. Otherwise she just lays on the couch and supervises. Atlas; little bit of a crazy pants. He loves attention and gets jealous when giving attention to anyone but him. Very nice dog. Loves to lick people. LOTS of energy! Maverick ; none Dixie; no special care, but has supplements we give her during morning and evening feeding. Atlas ; none Yes to all three Yes we have parking.
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