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Caring, Patient Babysitter Needed For 3 Children In Pacific Grove

Part Time
Our kids have been struggling with distance learning, and it doesn't help that my husband and I are both in the Army National Guard and have been away to assist with COVID Emergency Support more than home. They've gone through a forced move and 2 absent parents and feeling pretty useless at school. I'm pretty sure my 14-year-old artist is depressed but has been trying so hard to be responsible. My 13-year-old was the sweetest most empathetic active kid but has gotten so sucked in to Minecraft all other things have ceased to exist and he's like a crack when you pull him away. My 8-year-old lego genius just wants attention from his siblings but they ignore him constantly in favor of their online friends so he's just become super reactive and has to be talked down a lot, even though that never used to be a thing for him. :(. Our ideal caregiver: Mostly, I'll be away and my husband works shift work, so we need someone reliable who can wake up our kids, get them breakfast, and take them to school in the morning on weekdays (one high schooler, one middle schooler, one 3rd grader). It's mostly the 3rd grader who needs help getting ready, the older two just need help being woken up and getting out the door on time. They are cranky in the mornings, so it has to be someone who is patient but firm and doesn't buy the "I don't feel good" every morning to try to get out of it! . Thanks in advance!. Additional needs include light housekeeping, having a reliable car and a non-smoker. Looking for a caregiver for my 8-year-old son, 13-year-old son, and 14-year-old daughter. Looking for care Mondays (7:30am-9am), Tuesdays (7:30am-9am), Wednesdays (7:30am-9am), Thursdays (7:30am-9am), and Fridays (7:30am-9am).
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