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Photo for Tutor / Personal Assistant. - I am Blessed to be my 18-year-old...

Tutor / Personal Assistant. - I am Blessed to be my 18-year-old...

Full Time $20 – 20/hr Starts 09/06 Clovis, CA
I am Blessed to be my 18-year-old daughter's father and who has been raising her alone for 31/2 years since her mother passed away from cancer. My daughter is challenged with Autism, Speech Apraxia, Dyslexia (so much so that she is unable to read) and an Intellectual Deficit that affects her ability to process information in terms of storing it to memory. My daughter is also very emotionally intelligent and has a wonderful sense of humor and it's been my experience with the many tutors she has had helping her negotiate home school that in a very short time they fall in love with her and stay in touch for years after they've moved on. I'm seeking someone who also has emotional intelligence which I've learned is more important than being educated in the special needs world and who can creatively think outside the box and help move her to discovering her organic gifts, talents and passions along with discovering practical ways that she can apply these newly discovered assets in the real world. I have decided that this year in her last year of high school I am going to provide an immersive style education and she will be going on field trips at least 3 times per week. *I also need to find someone who could travel with us at least once per month for 2-3 days at a time to visit historical sites. *If you are interested in filling this need only I am totally open to that and need someone as soon as possible so I can get trips arranged as soon as possible. Please reach out to me to set up a phone and in person interview if we both think there will be a match. Thank you!
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