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Photo for Part Time Babysitter Wanted! - Looking for a babysitter to watch...

Part Time Babysitter Wanted! - Looking for a babysitter to watch...

Full Time $15 – 20/hr Starts 02/11 Gastonia, NC
Looking for a babysitter to watch my two girls, under the age of five years. We need someone for date nights, meeting up for outings with friends and time out of the house. I need someone that can keep up with them! My husband works most of the time and I am a stay at home mom. Our family believes positivity, compassion and patience is key to raising our girls. We don't spank our children, only time out and counting in our house, is only for transition to other activities. The girls love to play pretend, dress up, color, paint, any activities outside, anything that involves problem-solving or any kind of creativity they run into. They're pretty easy-going and love to play and having fun all the time! My youngest is very girly and my oldest is very systematic. My youngest just needs help with patience, lots of compassion and learn to share better because she is 2 years old and going through that time. She has a temper and gets upset easily, but she's very loving and empathetic. My oldest is very loving and sweet as well, but she is on the spectrum and mildly autistic. Therefore, she needs help with understanding certain direction and order, needs few word sentences and help with transition from activities or adjustments. We need someone who is very open minded, easy-going, and very compassionate. Someone who can do well with life adjustments and transition from activities for my oldest daughter. Anyone that is patient with children that might be delayed in speech and empathetic when tantrums occur. You must have a car and can get to our house, which is equipped with a driveway for parking or the street. We have several pets! We have 4 beta fish. 2 cats, one being a sweet male kitten and a 2-year-old, female cat that's very sweet, but shy. Then, we have a 5-year-old toy yorkie, that is very sweet and loving.
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