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Seeking Part-time Senior Care Provider In Mooresboro

Part Time
About who needs care: Patient suffered a stroke and had an emergency surgery for pacemaker placement May 2021 and experiences lapses in memory, difficulty with reading comprehension and right sided tremor/weakness at times. Patient was relocated from Oklahoma to daughters home in North Carolina upon hospital discharge. Patient can ambulate & bathe independently, however requires directives/assistance in completing daily tasks, especially with medications. Patient is a Vietnam Veteran and historically a professional horse jockey/bull rider that has spent most of his life traveling. Patient enjoys working on projects around the home and gardening weather permitting. Patients day is structured each day on a whiteboard to assist with time orientation and independence. Whiteboard daily schedule changes are made each night according to upcoming appointments, hobbies and other therapeutic activities for the following day. About the care needs: Patient would best match with a caregiver who has had similar life experiences. Horse experience is a major plus! Patient requires someone kind, yet assertive if the moment arises. Patient loves to talk and due to memory issues may often repeat information and be unaware. Patience is key! Laughter is the best medicine and family enjoys joking around. Daughter tries to allow patient to live life to the fullest! BEYOND HIS ROOM AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! At times this may require caregiver to take the reigns to ensure patient engages. Caregiver must enjoy outdoors to some degree to encourage/facilitate patient going outside. Caregiver must be able to assist patient in completion of therapeutic worksheets/exercises/activities that daughter has set in place. Caregiver must also have good critical thinking skills to discern the difference from patients normal behavior/medication side effects versus more complex medical concerns. Caregiver should be comfortable taking vital signs and making determinations based off patients reported symptoms and vital sign readings. BLS Certified CNA/MA/LPN/RN/Student in a healthcare field strongly preferred, but could be negotiable dependent upon previous experience. Services needed include: transportation, meal preparation, errands / shopping, light housekeeping, and companionship.
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