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Hands-on Care Needed For My Father In Carroll

Full Time
About who needs care: My father had a stroke in late March of 2022. He is currently at the center receiving full time around the clock inpatient therapy (PT, ST, and OT). He is due to come home June the 11 (his bday) and I wanted to jump the gun for my mother who works full time in finding a companion that could watch over my father while my mother, my brother and I are at work. My mother travels for work 2-4x a month and I would really like to ensure that my dad will be safe hands with the help of someone, my brother, family, and I. He is progressing tremendously and we are hoping he will be walking after he finishes at the facility but we do not know this for sure. My father will most likely need assistance with cleaning, dressing, bathing, toileting, meals and overall assistive in his daily activities. We want to get him in an outpatient rehab to really buckle down on his recovery while he is at home. I am looking for someone to also be able to transport my father to and from his therapies and any additional appts and support groups he may need. My fathers hobbies are being outside, playing with our dogs, being physically and mentally active so this prognosis has been difficult in figuring out his next move. He enjoys baseball, movies, etc. He is a very fun loving man and has always been the life of the party. He is a talker, he was born with the gift for gab. Since his stroke he has difficulty with aphasia and apraxia- so language and muscle movement for communication which leads to frustration at points for him. If you are interested in an opportunity of helping my father and my family please free to reach out and apply! About the care needs: I am looking for someone who is patient and has a caregiver personality. Someone who is lighthearted and fun to be around. My father is the funniest person I know so finding someone that will mesh with him is very important. Skill wise I am hoping to find someone that may or may not have experience working with stroke survivors and being able to physically assist him in his ADLs and emotionally assist his needs during his recovery. Someone who able to work on the skills and techniques we learn from his therapists and also just someone who has a kind heart, outdoorsy, and responsible. Services needed include: transportation, meal preparation, errands / shopping, light housekeeping, companionship, feeding, bathing / dressing, and mobility assistance.
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