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Seeking Full-time Senior Care Provider In Bloomfield

Full Time
About who needs care: My name is Tammy Trowbridge I'm in a dire situation my dad is 86 years old with vascular dementia I have a 56-year-old brother Tim Trowbridge who lives near Bloomfield Indiana out in the country I'm going to need help I'm getting ready to file a motion to expedite a hearing out of Bloomington Indiana to save my dad from a nursing home that is done nothing but abuse me and my brother and my father I just got an attorney and I'm going to explain to him my situation he may not take the case I need somebody from the Alzheimer's association in Bloomfield Indiana to go to the sheriff and let him know what I'm going through that my brother Tim has some sort of dementia he needs help he's in denial my mother is in denial I need help I'm an advocate for the greater Indiana Alzheimer's association I've been to the state house and I'm going again I am well well educated on this disease and how the first few years are nothing but trauma on these patients I need my dad and my brother together in the same household if I got to put a camper outside for it to separate them I don't care right now my nephew has guardianship he's broken every roll in the book judges have lied judges and broken the rules guardian ad litem has put me through hell and adult protective services out of Washington county step down to their jurisdiction and didn't have a clue what they were doing I have not filed any lawsuits on anyone and I don't intend to if things go my way if things don't go my way I'm going to move mountains to make sure that everybody is held accountable for the hell they put me through and for the hell they put my brother through who just suffered a massive stroke in June and he's alive he's paralyzed on one side he's really proud I need somebody from the Alzheimer's association in Bloomfield Indiana as soon as possible I need somebody to wake the first responders up to this disease I know that a bill has been passed and I was part of it I was also part of Bill being passed for Indiana caretakers like me I went bankrupt I'm an honest person I'm a hard worker and I'm also disabled but I refuse to stop to help my brother. About the care needs: If you like to watch Andy Griffith that's what Tim is into my dad is in the fishing he used to be my dad never shuts up he's a talker Services needed include: meal preparation, errands / shopping, light housekeeping, and companionship.