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Math tutors near me

Veditha R.'s Photo

Veditha R.

Ashburn, VA

$23-30/hr6 yrs exp

Math And Reading Tutor

Hired by 2 families in your neighborhood

I worked at a learning center Math and Reading Center and tutored many peers and younger kids for the past 6 years. At learning center, I was responsible for making sure that students understood the material as they progressed through the levels. I have experience teaching kids aged 4-15.
Alexandra F.'s Photo

Alexandra F.

Ashburn, VA

$25-45/hr5 yrs exp

Math Tutor

Hired by 1 family in your neighborhood

Hello! My name is Alex. I am currently a senior at James Madison University and am majoring in Math with a minor in Secondary Education. During my senior year of high school, I was a Teacher Cadet and had the opportunity to shadow a Geometry teacher every other morning. I also completed my Senior Capstone by shadowing a teacher...
Bharti S.'s Photo

Bharti S.

Sterling, VA

$15-45/hr10 yrs exp

Experienced Tutor/Private Lesson Tutor

Hired by 6 families in your neighborhood

I am an experienced, highly qualified teacher in special and elementary education. I have had all successful experiences working one-on-one to teach, review, and reinforce skills in all subject areas in pre-k, kindergarten and grads 1 to 7. I am patient and kind and can keep a student focused for each lesson by breaking down...
"She is a great tutor to my 6th grader and has been helping her for two years now. She is very organized and has assisted my daughter with her studies. I highly recommend her!"

Sheila M.

Michelle K.'s Photo

Michelle K.

Ashburn, VA

$75-100/hr10 yrs exp

Professional Teacher Looking For Homeschool Pod This Coming School Year!

Hired by 4 families in your neighborhood

NOW ACCEPTING Virginia K12 Learning Acceleration Grant as payment option! Hello! I am a 30-year-old licensed elementary school teacher willing to help students who need extra support in the subjects of reading/writing, math, science, spelling, social studies or beginners French. I am available to teach group classes or...
"Michelle has been working with our young homeschooler for 9mo and it has been a very positive experience. Michelle is reliable, candid, communicative, and brings both a sense of humor and a sense of responsibility to her role. Michelle regularly shows up to our...

Colleen A.

Tamana D.'s Photo

Tamana D.

Ashburn, VA

$20-35/hr1 yrs exp

Part-Time Tutor/Babysitter

I am a nursing student at George Mason University. I am stoic, compassionate, patient, attentive and understanding. I can help with homework, reading, art and creating fun activities. I grew up with 2 younger siblings and an older brother, so I am well versed in emotional intelligence and behavior as I have grown up with...
I love working, tutor with kids and am currently an MBA student at Georgetown! Let me know how I can help
Traci J.'s Photo

Traci J.

Ashburn, VA

$60-100/hr10 yrs exp

Help Your Child Get A Head Start!

I have a full-time (9-6) job but am interested in evening or weekend hours. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and taught third grade and special education before moving to Virginia. I've managed early morning tutoring programs at my school, as well as implemented differentiated learning and remedial...
As an education major with over 100 hours of classroom experience, you possess invaluable insights and practical knowledge that make you a skilled tutor. Your hands-on experience has honed your ability to adapt teaching methods to suit individual learning styles, ensuring effective communication and comprehension. Your passion...
Allison B.'s Photo

Allison B.

Ashburn, VA

$25-40/hr1 yrs exp

I have experience teaching and working with elementary aged students. I was a fourth grade teacher. I have my bachelors in elementary education and a masters in instructional technology.
Stephanie G.'s Photo

Stephanie G.

Ashburn, VA

$23-28/hr1 yrs exp

I have an Associate's Degree in English, speak, read, and write intermediate Spanish (Castilian), know some ASL (mainly fingerspelling), and took piano for 10 years. I tutored other students while in high school, assisted classmates by editing their papers and projects throughout college, and have helped high school students...
Hasna R.'s Photo

Hasna R.

Ashburn, VA

$40/hr4 yrs exp

I have a Master's from Georgetown University. I work as an editor at a large government contractor. I have experience tutoring Elementary school through graduate school students in English.
Piper K.'s Photo

Piper K.

Ashburn, VA

$10-15/hr10 yrs exp

Distance Learning Educational Facilitator

While working in group homes, I assisted with the academics of the residents. I tutored them with all subjects. I am currently a LCPS sub and have worked in the elementary and middle schools.
Hi! My name is Mary and I am currently 20 and a sophomore in college and I am great at teaching and tutoring kids in subjects especially preschoolers since I took a class for it in high school, but I can do younger and older as well! I am a very patient and observant person and I am very good at finding the best way to teach...
Geona J.'s Photo

Geona J.

Ashburn, VA


Geona J From Ashburn, VA

Hi! I'm a fun and engaging person who loves to be around children! I am currently a college student home for the summer from the University of Maryland Baltimore County where I am studying Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. I have two younger siblings, 6 and 12 years old, and I have been tutoring and taking care of them...
Gemma L.'s Photo

Gemma L.

Ashburn, VA

$24-29/hr6 yrs exp


Hello! My name is Gemma and I have been a tutor throughout my undergraduate and graduate career. I am most proficient in tutoring the sciences, mostly biology, anatomy, and physiology. However, I have served as an academic coach and therefore can assist in elevating a student's writing and organizational abilities. Please reach...
Natalie B.'s Photo

Natalie B.

Ashburn, VA

$60-75/hr5 yrs exp

Experienced, Licensed Teacher- Part-Time Summer Tutor

Hello! My name is Natalie and I'm an experienced, licensed teacher looking to provide tutoring for families over the summer and possibly into the fall. With over five years of teaching experience in both LCPS and APS, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to my tutoring sessions. Currently, I am a 4th grade teacher, and I...
Michele V.'s Photo

Michele V.

Ashburn, VA

$40-50/hr10 yrs exp

Kindergarten - Middle School Teacher, All Subjects!

I have 10+ years overall experience as an educator and have been with FCPS for the past 3 years. Prior, I taught middle school in an award-winning Philadelphia school. I am certified in Pre-K - 8th grade with added endorsements in speech-language pathology, ESL and language arts. Your child will be engaged and motivated via...
Jordan A.'s Photo

Jordan A.

Ashburn, VA


Experienced Teacher And Tutor

Hi! My name is Jordan. I am new to the NOVA area. I have been an elementary school teacher for 6 years and will continue to teach in Herndon this Fall. I have taught 4th and 2nd grades and have also been a private tutor for a family of 3 students for almost 2 years. Looking for more summer opportunities. Feel free to reach out!
Maria F.'s Photo

Maria F.

Sterling, VA


Babysitter And Tutor

I have over five years of experience tutoring children ages 5-14 in subjects such as math, reading, and Spanish.
Hello, This is my first time being paid for tutoring, however, I have tutored before as a part of the National Honors Society (Junior & Senior year) when I was in high school. I continue to help those who need it and am willing to adjust to routines or schedules you may have in place already.

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Hiring a private math tutor can be exactly what your child needs to get ahead in those math grades. Compare tutors by the specific math subjects they...

Hiring a private math tutor can be exactly what your child needs to get ahead in those math grades. Compare tutors by the specific math subjects they teach, their education, and tutoring experience. Read reviews from other students or families and find the right match for your needs.

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