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Hands-on Care Needed For My Wife In Maxwell

Full Time
About who needs care: I would need someone to assist for a day on giving medications, getting him his meals (he can feed himself), assistance walking around outside if he wanted to and correcting when there is slight confusion. He has a Paraneoplastic Syndrome that came about in the span of a month. He lost a lot of his vision and has some confusion due to it. He can get around okay around the house and outside but can't see good enough to not be trusted alone and just needs a partner to walk around behind/beside him to let him know if he's about to trip on something or help him with his balance if he stumbles. He can use the bathroom on his own and feed himself and if a shower was needed he needs some assistance with that but that should always be handled beforehand of a caregiver coming. There might be slight food messes that will need to be picked up but other than that it's mainly just sitting with him because is just to far over the threshold of being left home alone. He will also need some correction when confused. His confusion is slight but sometimes mistakes what items are for what and sometimes gets a little disoriented in the house. This would be on a need by need basis as something comes up, not an every day thing... like when an event would come up or some errands that need to be ran so that his wife can continue to have some normalcy in her life and get things done. About the care needs: He gets a little bit crabby, frustrated and demanding when confused but for the most part pretty quiet most of the day. He is a rather reserved person anyway. I am assuming unless he is having a bout of confusion he will follow direction and be rather quiet and easy. Services needed include: feeding, bathing / dressing, and mobility assistance.
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