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Photo for Sitter Needed For Two Bright And Rambunctious Boys!

Sitter Needed For Two Bright And Rambunctious Boys!

Full Time
My 4-year-old loves to talk, play pretend with his action figures, draw, attempt to write words, sing, and dance. My 2-year-old likes to dance to Baby Shark and Cha-Cha Slide and to play with his brother. He also loves snacking! my4-year-old needs more practice writing his name to better prepare him for when he does begin attending school. My2-year-old is nonverbal and communicates through grunts or grabbing your hand and taking you to where he's wanting something from. He just requires a lot of compassion and patience because it is overwhelming having someone so small try to communicate with you without speaking words. If you'd like you can attempt to practice words with him but he just prefers to talk when he feels like it. We'd prefer someone who is experienced with children. Someone who can handle the high energy of my children. We'd really like to have someone who won't get frustrated when the children aren't acting the way they expect them to. We would also like for the potential sitter to be CPR certified. And if not CPR certified just have the common knowledge of foods that could potentially be choking hazards for small children and avoid said foods. We would also like for the sitter to be mindful when preparing snacks and meals for our little ones, we will provide all the foods and snacks needed but we want a sitter that will actually fix them meals rather than feeding them snacks all day. We live in an apartment but there's plenty of room to park. Parking is available right in front of our unit. No pets