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K's Kreations Cleaning Services

P.O. Box 721225, Oklahoma City, OK

Basic Cleaning Services: $175 up to 2hrs $50 each additional hour
Kitchen: dishes, trash, wipe all counter tops, & sweep /mop
Bathroom: trash, toilet, tub, sink, counter tops, sweep/mop, & mirrors
Living room: vacuum & light dusting
Bedrooms: vacuum, light dusting, making beds, & empty trash

Deep Cleaning: $300 up to 2hrs $75 each additional hour
Basic services +
Kitchen: Walls/baseboards, deep cleaning in/around/under all appliances, & windows/blinds
Bathrooms: Launder shower curtains/rugs, mold removal, & walls /baseboards
Living room: polish wood, vacuum under furniture, windows/blinds, & glass doors
Bedrooms: change bed linen, walls/baseboards, & windows/blinds

Move-out/Make-ready: $550 and up & $50 for each additional 100 sq ft
Units up to 1,000 sq ft $550
Units up to 1,500 sq ft $750
Units up to 2,000 sq ft $950
Includes removal of personal property, vacuum/shampoo carpet, mop/sweep, windows/blinds, walls/baseboards, deep cleaning of appliances, mold removal, & wipe down all shelving & cabinets

We also offer personalized packages based on your needs. Packages will include a discounted contract on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Please contact us for more details. (insert email) 405-562-9790

After Party/Event cleaning crew: $250 up to 2hrs

Carpet Cleaning: 3 rooms for $100
$45 each room w/ purchase of basic package
$50 each additional room
* $75 for additional fees for pet soiled carpet removal

Laundry Service: starting at $10 & up
$10 a load w/basic purchase
$50 a load
Ironing $7 per item or 3/$15
Stain removal $3 per item
all laundering service w/ basic pkg will receive an additional hour per load

Interior Decorating: $150 up to 2hrs $50 each additional hour
Options to purchase personalized wreaths, candle holders, centerpieces , & floral arrangements. Please Contact for more info (insert email) 405-562-9790

*Extra Fees
We service the okc metro & surrounding cities up to 25 miles. Fees of $2.50 per each additional mile
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