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Photo for Grandfather Needs Help. My 9 Yo Grandson Lives With Me. It's Just The Two Of Us. Need Help.

Grandfather Needs Help. My 9 Yo Grandson Lives With Me. It's Just The Two Of Us. Need Help.

Full Time
I have a couple of rooms that will not need service. And one that is only lightly used. The rest need help. Living room, dining room, kitchen, bath and a half, three bedrooms. (An unused bedroom, 9 yo boys room, and his bachelor grandfather who doesn't do a very good job cleaning, that's me) Two floors. Bath and bedrooms on second floor. Fourth bedroom is storage, not included in job First floor has the other rooms and half bath. There is a den / office that is not included in job. One dog. Might lick you to death. General cleaning. Would like deep cleaning of baths and kitchen at least every two weeks. I do dishes and laundry. Bedrooms need a good solid cleaning them main every couple weeks, dusting and vacuuming etc. Living room and dining room and hallways need a good solid cleaning as well. And then main every couple of weeks. First couple visits if could do baths and kitchen and pick one or two rooms for initial cleaning. Then repeat until everything caught up. Then I think it could probably go to every two weeks to a month. General cleaning really. Nothing special. While I could use a lot of organizing, I am also kind of particular about my stuff. So won't look for much help with that. Plenty of parking available. Directly in front of house. Bus stop about 1/4 to 1/2 mile away. One dog. Lab mix. Older and a bit overweight like his human. Might bark at you while you are outside. But once inside will more likely lick you to death hoping for pets. 2 snakes. Ball pythons. They are in separate aquariums and have never gotten out on their own. (For those that do not know, they are not venomous). Nothing to be concerned about.
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