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FAQs for house cleaning jobs

What tasks will I need to do while cleaning houses?

Each job is different, but here's a summary of what house cleaning jobs typically include. You may be asked to sweep, mop, vacuum, and dust all or some of the rooms; wipe down kitchen appliances, cabinets, counters, and sinks; wash, dry and put away dishes, pots, and pans. More tasks include cleaning bathroom toilets, baths, showers, and mirrors; changing the linens and make the beds; taking out the garbage and recycling; and lightly organizing things.

If you are asked to come regularly, you could be considered a housekeeper and asked to take on additional responsibilities. These job responsibilities may include restocking goods like paper towels, tissues, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies, clean interior windows; assist with the laundry and meal preparation. Be sure you are on the same page as the person hiring you when it comes to the cleaning tasks you will perform on the job.

How much should I charge for cleaning houses?
Most house cleaners will charge based on the size of the residence, number of rooms and bathrooms, and if they bring their own cleaning supplies. It is common for some people to visit the residence to be cleaned beforehand to provide a final quote; however, you can give an estimate of your hourly rate for the services that you provide. You will also find that the jobs posted include an estimation of the hourly rate to be paid, although the final rate can be decided between both parties after discussing the job details.
What are the most common types of house cleaning jobs?

Most people fall into one of four house cleaning job categories:

  • Independent contractors: they work on their own, keep all the money (minus taxes) and control their hours but must secure their own liability, disability, and health insurance.
  • Team of independent contractors: are people who prefer to work with partners but have to divide earnings. Be sure you chose trustworthy partners if you go this route.
  • Cleaning agency: If you work for a cleaning agency, they are responsible for finding jobs and assigning them to you, and they'll take a percentage of the cleaning fee. Agencies may offer insurance benefits or a company car, but perks can vary.
  • Live-in house cleaners: Being a live-in house cleaner means you resided in the house as part of your employment. Duties are often similar to weekly house cleaner but sometimes extend to preparing meals and caring for children.