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Photo for In-home Infant Caregiver

In-home Infant Caregiver

Full Time
As an infant caregiver you will perform general caregiving duties that ensure our infant's needs are met while parent(s) are onsite working in the home. The duties and responsibilities I expect of our infant's caregiver would include: * Entertaining the infant with games and activities. * Preparing bottles and providing meals. * Change diapers. * Maintains daily schedule. * Meets the physical, social, and emotional needs of children in their care. * Provides structure and communicates consistent behavioral expectations. * Light housework to keep the home clean and tidy, (i. e. infant laundry, cleaning spills, and washing dishes/bottles after meals). Our top 5 family values include: * Compassion: understanding the suffering of others or self and wanting to do something about it * Gratitude: showing appreciation to others, letting loved ones know what you appreciate about them. * Honesty: being truthful and sincere. Integrity: sticking to your moral and ethical principles and values. * Kindness: being considerate and treating others well. * Responsibility: being reliable in your obligations Qualifications/Skills: * Excellent listener. * Fun and engaging. * Caring, compassionate, and patient. * Skilled at developing and leading children in fun learning activities. * Ability to help with homework. * Second language a plus. Experience: *Experience as a babysitter, nanny, teacher, or daycare setting. * Certification in first aid and child and infant CPR. * High school diploma or GED, associate's degree in child development a plus. * State certification in early childhood education a plus. We have two 3-year-old Australian Shepherds named Tyrion and Bronn. It takes this duo some time to warm up to you but once you gain their trust the loves attention. Literally the limit on pets does not exist for them. They can be energetic but they tend listen well and are crate trained. We also have a large fenced in yard for them to roam and play. We also have a 2-year-old cat named Pixel. She is not a fan of strangers to start but quickly warms up with the promise of pets. She tends to follow her mom around the house or sleeps.