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Photo for Gentle Yet Fun Nanny Needed For Twin Babies And A Toddler - Hell...

Gentle Yet Fun Nanny Needed For Twin Babies And A Toddler - Hell...

Full Time $19 – 22/hr Starts 11/16 Louisville, CO
Hello, Searching for our long-term nanny for our 3 under 3. 25 (boy/girl twins 11-months-old and a just-turned 3-year-old). We are currently more flexible with our schedules but we really are hoping for 3 days a week minimum. Ideally we would have someone for full-time in the long run but if needed we can start with 3 days a week. Hoping for a start date of asap. We are looking for someone who can juggle the needs of the twins and our toddler so the person must have a calm nature to be able to balance multiple kids' needs. We also need our nanny to be playful and nurturing, as well as being able to think of engaging activities where our 3-year-old would be entertained so the twins can be tended to, or vice versa, giving the twins something to do so our 3-year-old can have some more attention during play. Right now the twins are solidifying longer naps around noon. Our 3-year-old usually has a 2 hour nap around 12:30. As far as the daily duties, we would mainly want help unloading the dishwasher so that you can load whatever dishes/ bottles are used during the day. Helping to tidy up any areas where kids were, cleaning up any food off the floor or table that the kids may have dropped, and keeping the toy room semi-organized is a huge help. Bonus points for helping with kids laundry once a week. We practice gentle parenting and attachment parenting so we need a caregiver who understands how to speak to a child at an appropriate developmental level while being nurturing and caring (hugs, tickles, all the fun stuff). We have a park at the end of our street that our nanny can take the kids to on the wagon. We also have a backyard where they can all hang out. Creativity, and fun/ playful and gentle nurturing. Cars, teethers, puzzles, magnets, books, Bluey, parks. Our oldest needs help learning how to share with his twin siblings. Our twins need help with building their solid food menu (we serve them a lot of whole foods that are soft). Gentle, spontaneous, has a teaching-spirit, animated silliness, calm with stress. Parking No pets.
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