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Photo for Responsible & Chill Sitter For 11 Year Old - A family of three w...

Responsible & Chill Sitter For 11 Year Old - A family of three w...

Part Time $14 – 22/hr Starts 08/09 Holly Springs, NC
A family of three who is originally from the Boston, Ma area. We have no family in the area so we are focused on finding a reliable/dependable, trusting, and caring babysitter that we can use on and off during weekend evenings or overnight stays. We have 1 son, J , who is 11 years old and is in 6th grade. He is quite the comedian while also being very sensitive and kind. He is very active and loves all sports, especially baseball. J also likes to chill out by watching a good movie, drawing, playing board games, playing video games, or playing on his phone. He is a super chill kid and of course being 11 he is very independent; however, we are not yet comfortable leaving home alone at night or overnight. So a babysitter that wants a pretty chill relaxed job, we're the ones! We also have a German Shepherd who is 3 years old. He has a ton of energy and loves playing fetch in the back yard. He has a loud bark but don't let that scare you, he is really just a lovable goof who loves to lean up against you and get but scrubs. We have a cat as well that keeps to himself when the dog is out and about. But if our dog is crated and it's close to bedtime, he'll make his appearance for some bedtime snuggles upstairs. The cat will always be here during a babysitting request; however, we do have the option to put our dog in daycare or overnight camp if you are not comfortable with big dogs.
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