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Photo for FULL TIME CAREGIVER . - My 3yr old non-verbal child needs the mo...

FULL TIME CAREGIVER . - My 3yr old non-verbal child needs the mo...

Full Time $13 – 16/hr Starts 01/23 Bonanza, OR
My 3yr old non-verbal child needs the most care, she's Autistic so preferably someone who can watch her at home & stay within her routine! My 9yr old goes to school so will be gone most of the day, just needs picked up at the bus stop & brought home. I work at the hospital Mondays-Thursdays so I typically leave my house at 8 a.m. (work schedule is 9am-7pm) takes roughly 35-45 mins to make a trip so 8 p.m. to be safe! My husband works at downtown Post Office so depending on the time of year, he SHOULD get off at 6 p.m. & so it's possible for you to leave earlier than 8 p.m. I do not work major holidays & weekends as I am Salary paid. As a supervisor I am able to leave work earlier within reason... we do have dogs, all are lovely (tend to bark is all) so 2 stay outside when visitors are here on a leash thing we have for them. 1 is a pup from our oopsy litter we recently had in October (so might as well be another child lol) & the other (mama) can run freely outside as she stays within our fence line. We have an older cat but literally hides in our bedroom (so she might as well not be mentioned lol just saying in case someone has allergies) you can help yourself to our pantry, fridge in our house, fridge on the porch (drinks) & chest freezer in our pump house if you are hungry/thirsty. We have a griddle & a smoker on our porch too if you feel like using it! Our 3yr old still eats puréed baby oatmeal mixed with 1 pouch of puréed baby food due to lack of chewing. So preferably CPR/knowledge of Heimlich would make me feel comfortable. We have a service/cell booster & so we can provide info for you to log in on your phone/lap top/tablet etc. if need be. House cleaning isn't necessary but it would be lovely if you are up for it! We have a thermostat to keep the house warm but if you prefer a warmer area in the main part of the house & a nice place to relax we have a wood stove that you can use! Reliable & great communication My 3yr old loves to watch ENCANTO, Finding Nemo, both Frozen movies & Little Baby Bum Nursery Rhymes. 3yr old needs help/support with feeding, changing diapers etc. as she's unable to talk/walk. 9yr old just needs guidance when home, told to shower/get her clothes ready for the next day/told to feed the animals etc. 1- Akbash/maremma mix 1-Husky/German Shepherd mix 1-Border collie/blue heeler mix 1-pup (dad is Akbash/maremma & mom border collie/blue heeler) 1-chubby Tabby Cat (but hides in our bedroom, unless we're home)
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