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Photo for 1 Time Babysitting For Independent Playing Toddler.

1 Time Babysitting For Independent Playing Toddler.

One Time
Wyatt's bed time is at 6 so he will be asleep for half of the time you're here. We may be home earlier but I selected 8:45 just in case. He's a very easy kid, even before bed time. The living room is baby gated off and all of his toys are there. He's used to his sister being at school half of the day and her Dads on the weekends so he's a very independent kid. I've asked for 4:15 as the start time so you have a little time to get comfortable with our home before we leave My son is 2 and a half and loves dinosaurs and race cars. W is still in diapers but can feed himself in his high chair. Emotionally he just wants someone physically present and he's happy as could be! He's an independent player but is always happy when someone jumps in to play too :) He's a very easy toddler, no unique skills required. Just setting him in his high chair for dinner, dressing and laying him down for bed. He rarely cries at bed time and will play in his crib until he falls asleep. Lots of available parking but I don't believe public transit makes it here. Our cats have a tendency to disappear when someone unknown is in the home. You will probably only see 1 of the 4. Her name is Nala and she will sleep on a dining room chair the whole time you're here. She's very friendly. We have dogs as well but during the time you're here they will all be outside. They are also friendly but will more likely then not bark at you a bit in the beginning.
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