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Seeking Full-time Senior Care Provider - A is born and raised in...

Full Time $12 – 14/hr Starts 05/31 Knoxville, TN
About who needs care: A is born and raised in Ireland. He grew up with 8 brothers and 8 sisters. Yes, 16 siblings. He moved to Canada and the states when he was in his 20s. He owned a business in metal coating on car parts and is happily retired. A loves his sports. He played soccer for 40 years but he loves to watch all the sports. He also keeps up with the horses racing. He does smoke but is in the process of trying to quit. He smokes inside so if you can't put up with that, this wouldn't be a good job for you. He does have two sons and a daughter. The oldest son and daughter live here in TN. And the youngest son lives in FL. All are grown of course and working on their own careers but the oldest son and daughter keep close contact with their father, A. He uses a walker to get around on. His balance isn't very good however with the walker he can walk and do for himself. He takes his own showers and dresses himself. He doesn't need help standing or any physical care. A's needs someone to hang out with for companionship, clean, cook, and take him to get groceries, go to doctors, go to the coffee shop and gas station. That sums up all the places he will need to go to. From 9 am to 2pm-4pm (depending on the day and what works for your schedule.) Albert is very flexible. He's looking to find someone for 30-40 hours per week. In the begining of the day he will need breakfast cooked. He will tell you what he wants and how to cook what he likes. Then while he eats breakfast you can get some cleaning in the kitchen done and look over any doctors visits for the day or any calls that needs to be made to any doctor or pharmacy. There will be a book/planner to write anything down and stay organized. Albert will sometimes have things he needs to do like groceries or go to the bank. So ask him if he had any plans for the day. The rest of the day will just be light cleaning, like resetting his bedroom and bathroom and living room, and just sitting to talk and hang out with A. He might have lunch like a sandwich and soup or some type of left overs. A pretty much just needs companionship, light cleaning, and rides to and from. Gas will be paid for. Hes looking for someone who has experience caregiving. He is very easy to talk to, always in a good mood. He loves to talk. He had a caregiver for a year but she has moved on to do school so he's looking for someone quickly. About the care needs: We are looking for someone who is easy to talk to and has good spirit. Someone who is very organized and has experience working with someone who has lots of doctors and can organize and keep up with all these doctors and information from these doctors to better assist Albert in what he should be doing. For example if you went to an appointment at his primary doctor and she said he needs to see a certain specialist, it would be your job to call such specialist and make an appointment. Then you would relay the information said at the doctors to his children through text. Not always will you do this but when it's a big appointment that they need update on he will ask you to do this. It's important to pay attention to his medical needs. Although he doesn't need any physical care he does need a sort of guidance in his care plan. He's due to have back surgery as soon as he can quit smoking for three months. And he needs rides to physical therapy Monday, Wednesday, Friday. It's important to pay attention in these sessions to better understand how his body is improving or not improving. This person needs to have a reliable car to get to and from work and to take A to his appointments. Gas will be paid for aside from regular pay. Over all were looking for an easy going, caring friend for A so he has a good day and gets on a good track to be the best version of himself that he can be. Needs to be proactive, organized and experienced. Services needed include: transportation, meal preparation, errands /
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