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Babysitter Needed For 2 Children In Ashland

Full Time
Seeking a babysitter near Ashland for 2 children. Hoping you can start immediately! Light Housekeeping: Cleaning bottles. Schedule Details: Mine and my Husbands schedule changes every week. You will always know what hours you are needed for the next week every Wednesday. Some days we will need morning to afternoon, other days would be afternoon to night. If you any specific days you need off we can work our days off around you as we make our schedules. The last week of June and the first week of July we will need someone from like 5am to almost 11pm at night for those two weeks. My husband and I open up Jersey Mike's Subs in the area and that is when our grand opening is. After those two weeks the hours will not be that long or all day. We will need someone who is willing to be very flexible with our schedules. About the child(ren): Our 7 month old daughter, P, is just the definition of joy. She is always smiling and giggling. We got so lucky with such a good baby. She eats about every two hours and naps about 2-3 times a day and is very good at showing you what she wants or needs with her expressions and actions. She is almost crawling fully but she is on the move! She will choose to play or chew on anything that isn't a toy, for example she just loves baby wipes for some reason. She's truly hilarious and just a sweet breath of fresh air. I also have a step son, S, Who is 6 years old. He is with us about every other week, some weeks will have less days than others. S is your typical boy. Full of energy and craziness, and very accident prone! Unlike other boys though, he has the sweetest soul. He cares more about whether you are happy and having fun more than himself. He loves video games and SpongeBob or anything on Disney+ but we really try to monitor his screen time. He can play about an hour of video games a day, we keep the tv on throughout the day if it Is rainy but if not we try to keep him outside or playing. He does require someone who is patient because we are just now in the process of trying to teach him how to play by himself. He likes to always have someone doing an activity with him or someone to find him something to do so we are trying to get him more independent. Doing outside activities with him is always the best. He loves it. He loves to go to the park and pool. He does not know how to swim yet but he only in the shallow end, he is too afraid of the deep end but obviously needs eyes on him. P also is a HUGE fan of the pool. Both children love each other dearly and we have never had any issues with them together.